TAEM interview of Musician and Artist Kohinoor Roy

Kohinoor_Roy_01TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is seen around the world and we constantly seek, and discover, talent for all our readers to learn about. Our recent discovery, Kohinoor Roy, is an artist and musician from India. Kohinoor, please tell our readers about your early life, and the family who influenced you in your artistic passions.

KR-I was born in an Indian family, in the eastern part of India. My father was a Lawyer and mother is an ex faculty of Physics. They have always been very supportive in comprehending my creative passion. They never tried to impose any career choice of their own upon me and the continuous motivation and support from them has always been very inspiring to me which has helped me to learn all the things I wanted to learn, since my childhood. TAEM- Tell us about some of your interests.

KR- I am passionate into several things that has always pampered me since childhood like painting, photography, visualizations, storytelling and music to various other forms of them. This has created a lot of difficulties for my parents in their social circles in just explaining that what I exactly wanted to do. This happened as my journey of life since childhood was bit apart from the other regular career models which were usually chosen by most of the boys and girls of my age. So most of the people were curious that why I didn’t take Law as my subject or profession.

Kohinoor_Roy_03TAEM- Tell our readers about your early educational interests.

KR – Again I was very much interested in Physics and several fields of engineering along with my stretched interests for Philosophy and Psychology. I was continuously introspecting my inner
self as the journey began with the question that “who am I”? This inner voice with the passage of time led me to learn several Philosophies and the ancient traditional Tantra teachings. I became very lucky to meet my Guru (Spiritual Mentor) and went further with exploring the vast sphere of the ancient wisdom and practices. Healing has appealed to me slowly and I became a Healer after my High School days. I have always considered the Nature as my Teacher and have given much importance to learn many tough things in very simple ways from her, rather than focusing much on usual study books and any limited syllabus.

TAEM- What about your paintings and photographic endeavors, and how did this help you expand into the many artistic developments later on ?

KR- While doing paintings and photography, I felt that the still frames of my paintings and photos are bringing a story with them and have been demanding movements as they were limited to static frames but moving mentally while generating mental auditions of certain background music and sound effects supporting those visual movements. I then felt my passion stretched further towards creating all new sounds from any available sources and in those early Analog days, I used to record them in the vintage Audio cassette based Tape Recorders.

TAEM- What about the next development in your career ?

KR-At such point making a career choice has become very hard for me priority wise and I then slowly realized that Film making is the only way which I should go for to stage everything together which later after my Bachelors on English Literature made me go for specializing on AV Post production and vfx being focused into it very seriously for perusing my future Film making objectives.

Kohinoor_Roy_02TAEM- Tell us how you prepared yourself for this new passion, and the educational studies that you took for it.

KR- During 2001-2002, I got I-20 Letters of admission from Los Angeles Film School for Digital Film making Programs and also made certain short and selective professional course planning on Sound recording and Post Production from UCLA but could not make it finally at that time as after the tragic 9/11 incident, getting student visas by the Indian students opting for some other kind of streams other than MS or MBA was very difficult. So during those past days, Internet in India was also not like today and I really had a very hard time being in a place where from in spite of having many things with me, I could hardly showcase them before the World. So I had to wait for the right time and took certain training from Digital Asia School of Animation in Thailand.

TAEM- How did your musical interests blossom from your work in film?

KR-  I have chosen the Music to come first along with Screenplay writings and freelancing on Designing projects. I have always been dedicated in all my works with extreme passion driven forces and look at every creative output from a perfectionist’s angle to give them the right shape as they have been nurtured and shaped well in the mind. This made me learn and work on all the related fields and applications with the motto of making everything needed for making a Film right from “Concept to Screen”.

TAEM- What education did you receive to achieve this, or was this a natural talent that you possessed?

KR- I never went to any Music school except taking some short training on Indian percussion instrument Tabla in my early days. So all I do in music is mostly by heart only and my musical genre is no where related to my place of origin. I prefer to go all DIY and my Musical skills & Talents range from Songwriting, Arrangement, Composing, Drums – Acoustic and Electric, Keyboards and Synthesizers, Percussion, Mixing, Editing and Mastering, Sampling, Sound Effects, Voice over & Producing. My Musical Genres range from World Fusion, Ambient, Space, Chill out, Experimental, Relaxation New Age, Meditative, for Easy Listening in SPA and BG Sound Scores. Film Scoring and Music for syncing is my most preferred part as I like to score any kind of Music based on the visuals with the freedom of style as I really love to experiment and play from very slow paced Music to even as fast as Hard Rock and Speed Metal, just depending on the scene.

TAEM- How were you able to develop the music for your films?

KR- Mostly my music comes from the visuals and day dreams of certain theme oriented concepts and
it is often hard for me to describe any fixed genre for my music as it keeps on varying from
one mood to another depending on the visuals of the present state of the mind which I often find limitless. I feel that visions for visuals and inner voice mental auditions for music are like two combined aspects of the two masculine and feminine energy bodies within us. So whenever new visuals come, it brings a new musical theme with it and whenever a new musical concept comes, it brings a related visual with it…..

SoulHealer_-_Album_ArtTAEM- Tell us about your first album Soul Healer.

KR- “SOUL HEALER – Feel The Fire In Your Soul” was my debut Music Album, released on November 2011 but was started in the year 2000. It is a visual based musical journey through New Age and completely experimental World Fusion Music Instrumentals with the feelings of getting into some real Trance (Here the word TRANCE is used in the etymological sense and not as a musical genre). The whole album is visual based and all the tracks are in a sequential order representing a journey into the inner and outer space of our human minds through meditation and bliss dance, reflecting a Spiritual Journey of inner joy, happiness and the feelings of being already fulfilled inside as we all human beings are already blessed by the Almighty and often pleasure is hidden in pain that we miss and get the Supreme Authorities wrong in determining our fate, while we face the odd and challenging situations in our lives……

Oceania_-_Album_ArtTAEM- Your newest album is titled Oceania and it is truly beautiful. Please tell our readers about it.

KR- OCEANIA is my latest Album, just released on February 10th 2013. It is a New Age, Chill-out and Lounge instrumental Music Album with relaxing Sonic textures suitable for meditation, relaxation, Yoga, deep sleep or just playing in the background while being in a Spa, reading, writing, doing any work or concentrating deeply into something. All the tracks are long and has been created with a very slow pace being inspired by the moods of the leisure time spent in the islands for discovering the self through deep breathing, meditation and Yoga. The concept and theme of this Album has been derived from dreams while the last song of this Album ” Soaring Like a seagull over the deep blue Sea” was playing continuously in the background in a repeat mode. The song “Soaring Like a seagull over the deep blue Sea” has been composed in 2011 prior to the release of the first Album: “SOUL HEALER – Feel The Fire In Your Soul” and is like the Mother track for the birth of the rest of the Album tracks. Also OCEANIA tracks are intended for usage as the Film and TV background scores and syncing for individual requirements and Media usage along with using in the Background while conducting group healing, Reiki, Meditation sessions, Yoga classes, Therapies and having relaxing SPA sessions.

TAEM- What new projects are you working on, and when can our readership expect to see them ?


KR- My Musical journey is on and will continue forever. This year I am coming out with four more releases and one compilation, exclusively made for Film and TV syncing along with working on few screenplays out of many which I have been working since the year 2000. I will start pitching my screenplays by the middle of this year, probably starting with two. One on Sci-fi suspense thriller and the other one is on an Animation and Live Action combined Science Fiction story concept, specially tailored for Hollywood productions.

TAEM- What drives your artistic passion to continue your work ?

KR – I believe in Universal Brotherhood and would like to meet as many people as I can from different diverse backgrounds and ethnicity from all around the World. I feel that it is One World, One Love and also One Language, the Universal One language of Music. So I do want to touch everyone in this Universe with the magical medicine of music with its sonic healing waves to heal all the pain as much as it will be possible…

TAEM- Kohinoor, you are truly a great and natural artist. We want to thank you for the time you spent with us on this interview and wish you sincere luck in all that you do.


Peace and Love to all
Kohinoor Roy

Music Link:http://www.kohinoorroy.com/~audio/94

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