TAEM News Flash ! ‘Bollywood to Hollywood’ producer in the News !

We just learned that ‘Bollywood to Hollywood’ producer Devajit Chakraborty, who we interviewed in our October 1, 2010 issue has expanded his venue and has now started a new personal management company.

His creation is called XBIT-GIGAS and you can find it in our Web Partner section of our magazine. He is part of the largest conglomerate in the Entertainment Industry. This new enterprise is the perfect amalgamation of strategy and execution and aims at delivering unmatched results for your business.

They are presently seeking actresses and models for the movie industry and will be featuring a ‘Model of the Month’ for their website. They are also offering an outstanding line of products and services that caters to the entertainment world. Looking for new Film venues, or broadening your acting career ?…….then touch base with Devajit on his site. The quickly expanding Indian film industry may just be your next step forward !


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