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TiconderogaFarmsI recently accompanied my daughter and granddaughter to an Easter egg hunt at Ticonderoga Farms, in Chantilly, Virginia. I was truly amazed with this locally popular location and what it offers for kids and families.

Ticonderoga Farms¬† has about one-thousand acres of rolling fields and forest. The farm sells organic, antibiotic-free eggs from free range hens; jams, jellies, and honey; pick-your-own daffodils; bamboo (live and cut); pine cones; straw bales; fresh picked fruit (in season); firewood; and more. Kids will also enjoy hayrides, hillside slides, the panda puzzle live bamboo maze, tetherball and tire play areas, log cabins and hay forts, a tee pee village, Noah’s ark and swings, a wishing well with a real hand pump, petting animals, antique tractors and machinery on display, and a swinging bridge.

On the day of the Easter egg hunt the weather was cold and raw, extending the winter weather through the beginning of what was supposed to Spring. The management kept a number of open-pit fireplaces going to keep visitors warm. They also had their large food stand open where we were able to obtain some delicious hot chocolates to help fend off the weather. The stand also serves reasonably priced soft drinks, coffee, and assorted food items to those that visit the park.

Slides 2  My granddaughter and daughter enjoyed themselves immensely on a gigantic bounce ride where they were dwarfed by its gigantic size. There was also a large hill nearby that contained some very long slides where attendants passed out carpets to use for patrons to ride on down them. From there we visited a small zoo and walked through a maze surrounded by tall , lush bamboo walls.

We took a break in our sightseeing walk when it was announced that the EastIMG_2096er bunny had appeared to start the Easter egg hunt. The crowd was broken down into two groups. One for children under four, and another for children four years of age and older. All the children were excited as the hunt got under way and extremely happy about opening the eggs to discover the prizes within them. Afterwards we toured the Tee-Pee Village and small fort-like blockhouse for children to play in.

Ticonderoga Farms had so much more to see and do, but mother nature was not cooperating. We definately plan to return there as the weather warms up but decided to head back to our car to get in out of the cold. This fabulous site offers special events throughout the year that includes Easter egg hunts, hay rides and marshmallow roasting parties, a pumpkin festival, and a Christmas festival. We hope to attend them all and highly recommend Ticonderoga Farms to all our readers to visit.


26469 Ticonderoga Road
Chantilly, VA 20152United States
Hours: Varies
Cost: Varies

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