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Paragon-1 The Arts and Entertainment Magazine always keeps track of all those we have interviewed. One well known actor, Les Brandt who we interviewed in our May 1st, 2010 issue, is back in the news again with an exciting new project. His current film, John Bondage, is an action movie with plenty of fight scenes that keeps the movie rolling at a swift pace. Since December 2012 he has also been working on Days Of Our Lives since December 2012 as RICARDO with STEFANO DEMIRA played by Joseph Mascolo. My character RICARDO debuts on April 15, 2013 on NBC Monday 1pm Pacific . He is also in a new film directed by Llyod Barnett ( see links below).  The feature film directed by Lloyd Barnett, Produced by Shawn Austin and written by Ashley Scott Meyers Starring Les Brandt, Christian Oliver (Valkerie), Isaac Singelton Jr. (Pirates Of The Caribbean), Tara Macken, Kai Lyman, West Liang and Ernie Reyes, Jr. (Indiana Jones and The Run Down) is called….NINJA APOCALYPSE.

John Bondage has been produced by Anna Skyrpka and filmmaker/ director Charles Ancelle.

Here is a brief history on both these very talented individuals:

On-SetBorn and raised in the Ukraine, Anna Skrypka had multiple experiences that lead her to become a filmmaker!

As a child her passion for storytelling was limitless and she could not stop reading Russian classics as much as watching American films and TV Shows.

That mix of culture gives her a unique sensibility and early on she started writing poetry while growing a passion for modern media.

With an infinite interest for human interest, she decided to study sociology in one of Ukraine’s finest universities, and later specializing in the mechanics of modern media.

While obtaining a PhD, she directed her first short film, which won an award at a local festival, encouraging her to refine her talent for filmmaking in the US, where she has been producing and directing many short films.

Charles Ancelle is a young French-born filmmaker. At an early age, he found a passion for visual arts and Hollywood films, spending all of his time doing two things: drawing the same thing over and over, and watching the same Spielberg films over and over.

This early persistence gave him a particular sense of detail and dedication as well as an infinite taste for American Cinema.

Anna CharlesDuring his teens, Charles had his first contact with the filmmaking process at the Maine Media Workshops and fell in love with it. After that, he decided to dedicate his life to film by both dramatically increasing his knowledge of film through theoretical studies at the prestigious Sorbonne and avidly watching films from all eras, and by continuing to increase his directing experience by directing short films with his friends.

Charles then finally came back to the US to study film on a practical level, and continued to practice on his craft by directing more short films, the latest of which is John Bondage.

We’ve also included the following information so that our readers can follow the progress on Les’ other project :

My current movie is directed by Lloyd Barnett:

and Co Stars Christian Oliver

and Ernie Reyes, Jr.

Also Starring:
Isaac Singleton, Jr.
Kaiwi Lyman
Tara Macken
West Liang
Antoinette Kalaj

“Be rigid and life can break you, BEND and life will flow through you.” – Les Brandt


Isaac Singleton, Jr. link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0802280/


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