TAEM News Flash! Actress Natasha Blasick Visits Homeland!

Photo by Anthony

Photo by Anthony

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has just received some news about Actress and Model Natasha Blasick who we interviewed in our August 1, 2010 issue of our publication.

Los Angeles based actress/model Natasha Blasick will visit her homeland of Ukraine having been confirmed as a special guest at the 16th annual Berdyansk International Film Festival on June 2 – June 9 in Berdyansk, Ukraine. Her film, Notes From The New World, will screen at the fest. Based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Notes From The Underground and on Crime and Punishment the re-envisioned tale’s disparate elements are woven into a new form of cinematic tapestry by director Vitaly Sumin.

For Blasick, it will be a return to her home country, having been born and raised in Odessa, the Black Sea seaport. “I’m so thrilled to bring my two worlds together to share my passion for movies with my homeland,” says Natasha. “No matter how long I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Ukraine is always close to my heart. It’s where I grew up. And I’m doubly delighted to return home as a special guest of this wonderful festival”.

In Notes From The New World, Natasha plays Sonia, a troubled woman who mysteriously observes seemingly unrelated situations. Relying heavily on reactions, the role challenged Blasick to tell the story with a minimum of dialogue. Says Blasick, “My biggest challenge was to embody the angelic quality of Sonia from the original Crime And Punishment yet infuse an edge for modern times. The original was an altruist. The Sonia in Notes actually makes stronger choices for her life.”

Photo by George DeLoache

Photo by George DeLoache

Other recent work by Natasha includes shooting the action thriller The Black Russian in India, in which she plays the title role of a Russian high class prostitute trapped between worlds. The Black Russian has just wrapped post production. The film gives an inside look at the massive drug ring between India and Pakistan.

Natasha recently began playing the bass guitar, and has formed a pop duo called ‘Snowflakes’. “Playing music is fulfilling in a different way than acting,” says Natasha. “It’s so immediate. It brings a lot of joy.” Instrument manufacturer Daisy Rock Guitars took notice of Natasha’s Butterfly bass and has officially welcomed her to Daisy Rock’s stable of endorsed artists.

About the endorsement Natasha relates her own tale of inspiration. “The endorsement came about all because of a creepy audition, the really creepy kind. There are wonderful people here in Los Angeles. But not all of them are. I had such a bad mood afterward that we, Snowflakes, decided to play an open mic at a church the next day. We normally prefer to play full shows but it seemed like a clean energy, a way to get the icky feeling away. A friend took a picture of us playing and I uploaded it to Facebook and tagged the bass in the photo. Daisy Rock saw the picture on Facebook and reached out about endorsing me. It’s as simple as that. I couldn’t be happier. First off I loved my bass before they contacted me. And they have a positive, empowering spirit that is good for everyone, not just girls even though their instruments are designed for girls. So I got a first hand lesson that something bad can lead to something wonderful at any moment. It was a powerful lesson to me. I’m very grateful.”

Photo by a friend

Photo by a friend

It seems 2013 has already been productive for Natasha Blasick. In the coming months there will more projects nearing completion. Natasha gets the final word, “Follow your dreams.”








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