TAEM News Update! Producer Jason Figgis!



The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is very pleased to learn the Producer Jason Figgis, whom we had interviewed in the November 2011 issue of our magazine is working on a new film.

The tile of his new production is called The Ecstasy of Isabel MannĀ  which tells the story of a young girl who is forced to become the mother image for her family after her own mother’s death. Raising her younger siblings as if they are her own children, and caring for her bereaving father, Isabel struggles in her new role in life. This is no ordinary tale of woe, however, as a new wrinkle takes hold of her future. Isabel becomes a victim of a vampire and slowly turns to the dark side.

Jason is presenting this story, and we have added a link to the campaign he is running to gain supporters. With our magazines many contacts in the world of cinema, and our many friends in Hollywood, this should become a winning film for the horror crowd. We look forward to seeing this film in movie houses across the United States, and hope that the movie moguls in Hollywood pay close attention to our News Flash about Jason’s production.


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