TAEM Salutes our Advertisers!!!

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine wants our readers to take notice of some of the great advertisers that grace our pages. With our magazine dedicated to the advancement of education, and our magazine now being read in colleges around the world, many advertisers are taking advantage of the exposure that we offer. Don’t forget too, that with our vast connections to cinema and the Hollywood crowd, we offer connections to many of outlets to assist filmmakers from around the world.

For those seeking employment click on Monster.com in the right hand column of our magazine as well as Industry Deal.com for special offers for the world of Cinema. Operation Smile at the top of our homepage lets you donate directly to a most worthy cause that helps impoverished children overcome their medical circumstances.

Creation Depot who has helped create The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and THE EERIE DIGEST’s own success is also advertising a great line of services to assist writers and business people. Clicking on their site could create a success for you, too. Amazon Kindle has two ads on our front page to choose from. Don’t forget our publications own ads in Our Book Store along with the many advertising services that our own magazine offers. Scan down the right hand side of our home page to link on to those areas of interest for you, whether it be book , movie, acting, or music promotion. We can also arrange to create a video of your work as well.

Also check out Ourisman Kia for the opportunity to see a great line of automobiles to fit your life style as well as your pocketbook. These vehicles have high ratings and is easy for the student, family, or businessman on the go ! Ralph Monaco with Remax/ Regency offers great home values for purchase in the Northern Virginia area and is a great place to start whether buying or selling a home. See some of the pop-up ads throughout our publication as well. Click them on to find out what great offers they have and  you may be surprised in how much money you can save when you do.  Our publication is proud to have them on board and we know that you will like what they have to offer, too !!!


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