‘Trick or Treat’ by Guest Author David Rhodes

Guest Author David Rhodes

Guest Author David Rhodes

The trio ambled down the sidewalk, eyeing the other groups across the street carrying their flashlights to make sure no harm came to their little ones. These three were not little, but were dressed up for the occasion.  A witch, the Frankenstein monster, and the Mummy.

They came to a house void of any children, and the witch opened the gate. “Remember, it’s my turn this time,” she cackled.

“It’s always your turn,” the Frankenstein monster said.

The mummy only grunted, a plume of dust blowing from his mouth.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your turns, I promise. Now let’s go up and take care of this so we can be on our way.

They followed the narrow sidewalk to the front porch and climbed the three steps onto the porch. “What are you waiting for, witch? We don’t have all night, you know!” The monster exclaimed.

“I’m not waiting for anything, you freak!”

“You better watch what you say, woman. I’ll tear you from limb to limb.”

“Ok, ok, no need for animosity among us.”

“Then knock on the fucking door, woman!”

“Such language!”

The Mummy growled, and it did not sound like pleasantries.

The witch reached over with one gnarled hand and banged on the door three times. They heard someone approaching the door, and the witch and monster called out, “Trick or treat!”

An old woman with gray hair opened the door, and much to her dismay saw three large figures standing on her porch. “Oh dear, aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?”

“You’re never too old to trick or treat,” the witch said, pushing the door wide open. The old woman nearly fell backwards, and the monster gave her a little shove; this time she fell back onto the carpet.

“Shut that door, Mummy” said the witch in her gravelly voice. She straddled the old woman across the chest and said, “Make a noise, and I’ll slice your throat. Understand?” The woman nodded her head, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Open your mouth.” witch said. At first the old woman did not comply. “Open it now, or I’ll have Frankie break it open. Your choice, and make it quick!”

The old woman opened her mouth, and the witch bent over as if she were going to kiss her. Instead, she grabbed the sides of the old woman’s head to hold it straight. She closed her eyes and mumbled a few words that were incoherent to the rest.

A white, smoke-like cloud appeared in her mouth, and the old woman gurgled. The witch’s eyes turned green, her face transformed into a countenance of pure evil. The white smoke streamed into the witch’s mouth, her eyes glowing intensely bright green that nearly lit up the room.

The old woman’s face sunk in on itself, and the witch felt the body withering beneath her. Soon, the woman’s face was no more than taught skin across a skull. The white smoke ended, and the witch stood. “Well, I feel great. What do you say we move on to the next house. Frankie, is it your turn?” Mummy growled in protest. “Ok, my friend, you’re next. Just wait a little while longer, Frankie, and we’ll all be rejuvenated.”

The three trick or treaters left the house and continued up the sidewalk amidst the chattering of children and of course “Trick or Treat!”

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