May, 2013

J&J Movie Review- Star Trek and Iron Man

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Tony Stark The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has asked that we do a review on a slate of action films that are coming onto the market. We decided to go to the Regal Cinema in Manassas, Virginia to see how some of these films pan out. Parking was abundant there and the access to the theater was easy to find. It is right off of Route 66 and close by to the Manassas campus of the Northern Virginia Community College.

During our May outings we were able to take in Iron Man III and Star Trek: Into the Darkness . Without further ado, here is our report:

Iron Man III –  This film is part #3 in the Iron Man series. As promised it is action packed and follows in the wake of The Avengers movie. The main character, Tony Stark, is superbly played by Robert Downey, Jr. . In this film he is pitted against a new arch foe, The Mandarin. (more…)

TAEM News Flash! Award Winning Actor Said Faraj in Our Magazine Again!

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Said FarajThe Arts and Entertainment Magazine received an e-mail from actor Said Faraj whom we’ve interviewed in our June 1, 2010 issue. He has let us know that he will be in Virginia promoting his new film.

An accomplished International Actor, Producer & Director with more than 26 years in the industry, delivers a dynamic, breakthrough performance in the film Green Zone, co-starring Matt Damon, Amy Ryan and Greg Kinnear. Directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum) A seasoned actor with an intensity that always makes an impact onscreen, Faraj has been cast in some of the most monumental films of our generation – his credits include Ghost, Bad Influence, True Romance and The Siege among many others. He has also starred in recurring roles on television’s top-rated shows such as 24 and The Shield. Most recently, Faraj appeared as a guest star on NCIS:LA, Bones and The Unit. He has also worked with a virtual who’s who of talented directors, including Tony Scott, Ed Zwick, Curtis Hanson, Sam Raimi and Jerry Zucker. As a Producer Faraj is proud to have his first film The American Failure to be produced by him and his company Cedar Films and as well going to produce several project including ‘Cross Purpose’, ‘Yefon’ and ‘Then the Night Comes’. As a Director “The American Failure”, Co-Director was his first experience. Universal Picture submitted Said Faraj for The 42nd NAACP Image Awards for the Supporting Actor Category for his role in Green Zone. (more…)

TAEM News Flash! Famous Law and Order: SVU Producer Robert F. Campbell in the News!

Saturday, May 25th, 2013
Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that Producer Robert F. Campbell (interviewed in our March 1, 2011 issue) has a new project in the works. Robert is another mainstream producer that has began producing web series films.

His wife, Muriel Campbell, has recently produced the popular web series, Pink Slip, which has been displayed in our magazine. Robert’s new project is titled Inconceivable Housewives. Bob says, “Here’s the idea behind “Inconceivable Housewives”…a joint Rainycourt and Pennylane Production. Robert’s partner in the production is Anna Damergis.
“Female friends form a support group to encourage each other as they try to accomplish the one goal missing from their lives. All in their ’30s,-,, they’ve achieved success in marriage and business— but, the clock is ticking and they all want to become biological mothers. They cheer each other on…with comical and, often, poignant results.” (more…)

TAEM interview with author Xander Richards

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Xander-RichardsTAEM- Over the years The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has had the pleasure of introducing authors from all over the world to our readership. One hot bed of literary talent is our own next door neighbor, Canada. Recently we were introduced to an extraordinarily talented writer, Xander Richards.

 Xander, we understand that you were living in Europe before you moved to Canada. Please tell our readers about this aspect of your life.

XR- Yeah, one morning I opened the curtains and Canada was outside!  Before that I lived a very humdrum, ordinary life which was totally unremarkable.  I did some video, graphic design, a lot of driving jobs… heck I cleaned cars, sold disco gear, fixed computers and delivered pizzas.  The countryside was nice though.  Canada, for me, has been a spectacularly good move. (more…)

‘Reflexion Faite’ by Guest Author Alex Knight

Saturday, May 25th, 2013
Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

I woke up at 2 AM and instinctively reached for you. Of course your side of the bed was empty; you’ve been dead for three months. I wondered when, if ever, I would stop reaching for you.

Sighing, I decided I might as well get up. I knew sleep would elude me just as it had every other night. How did other wives and girlfriends cope with the sudden void in their lives? Perhaps if we’d had children I wouldn’t feel so empty inside right now.

* * *

When I started waking up every night that first month, friends told me this was normal. I didn’t think so, but they all insisted it was part of the grieving process. I was urged to go to grief counseling and every one of our friends had a small nugget of wisdom to share. (more…)

‘House of Leftovers’ by guest author David Rhodes

Saturday, May 25th, 2013
Guest Author David Rhodes

Guest Author David Rhodes

Everyone in the House of Leftovers was dead, except for the two doctors standing in the middle of the room, wearing clean white smocks and black rubber gloves, leaning over the fresh corpse of a man. There was a huge, ugly stab wound in the dead man’s chest.

“God, I don’t know if I can handle this,” said Cranna, the younger of the two.

“It’s always like that the first time,” Jones said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Besides, you’ll get to eat real food.”

“Remember when they used to be able to grow food?”

Jones smiled wanly. “Yeah, but I try not to think about it.” (more…)

TAEM interview with actress Maryam Tarami

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Maryam Tarami 1TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is truly a publication that is seen around the world. We are very proud to present Maryam Tarami, a very beautiful actress that hails from the Netherlands.

Maryam, you were born in Tehran and moved to the Netherlands with your parents. When did this happen, and how did this affect you ?

MT- Hello Joseph! First of all, thank you for having me. It is a pleasure to appear in your magazine.

Yes, my parents moved about 20 years ago to the Netherlands. I guess from one day I was surrounded by a big family and the other day the only family members I had around were my parents and sister. As a little girl I was very much focused on having fun though, due which the relocation did not affect me that much –other than I missed certain family members. Over the years I obtained a better understanding of the situation. (more…)

TAEM- Actress/ Songwriter Carmen Perez in the NEWS!

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Yellow-Headshot-400x700-Web  Actress and songwriter Carmen Perez has created a strong second venue to her career. At present she is forming a band and has been feverishly writing music for it. Several of her songs have appeared on the UK music charts, and she is very proud of these accomplishments.

Carmen Perez was born to make music but didn’t realize it until after she had already been around the world as an active duty U.S. Army soldier; earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Politics; acted and died in numerous films and TV series and painted over 100 pieces of art. She was born in the Bronx, New York and moved to Puerto Rico when her parents divorced at age 10. Before their split, some of her favorite memories are of her father rehearsing on the bass for the local ‘salsa’ bands he played with. (more…)

The Tweed Update by Roger Tweed

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Roger TweedCatching Up Our portfolio had its best run of the year, outperforming the S&P 500 by more than 1% over the past three weeks.  All of our positions except for American Capital Agency (AGNC) gained ground, with Whole Foods (WFM), AIG (AIG), Ford (F), and Boeing (BA) leading the way.  Since April 19, our portfolio gained 6.2% while the S&P 500 gained 5%.  Since its January 10 inception our portfolio has gained 6.4% while the S&P 500 has gained 11.4%.

Whole Foods gained 17% after reporting second quarter earnings and revenues that beat expectations and increasing its full-year earnings guidance.  Fears raised after the company’s first quarter report about declining sales growth were quieted after the company reported a second quarter same store sales increase of 6.9%, and noted that same store sales in the current quarter are showing a 7.4% increase.    (more…)

‘Squandered on the Young’ By T.L. Messegee

Saturday, May 25th, 2013
Todd Messegee

Todd Messegee is a professor at Northern Virginia Community College.

No one would be so mad as to cut off their own thumb, not even him, not even Marco. Alone on that island that his grandfather had bought nearly a century ago, Marco did as he pleased. The rest of the family had died or moved away. As the last man standing, Marco was happily collecting dust among his dozens of buildings jam-packed with junk, antiques and cast offs, just like him. His only human contact was the young man, Davy, who would come across the bay in his little powerboat bringing groceries. It was from Davy – and bits of evidence found after the fact – that we were able to piece together this account.

Marco hardly spoke a word to anyone when he’d come ashore, and wouldn’t even return a wave to those he knew in town. He was happiest alone on his island. Still, when Marco accidentally mangled his thumb with a monstrous drill press, his screams of pain were heard by no one but his cats. As we all know, cats couldn’t care less if you cut off your head, let alone your thumb.

So Marco stood there, looking down at the mangled bit of meat where his thumb had been and apparently he calculated how long it would take for him to get the boat ready, then motor across the bay and then make his way by taxi to the hospital. He must have figured that the loss of blood and expenditure of energy would have made the journey too perilous, so in his own way, he took care of it. Suffice to say, he stopped the bleeding, but the thumb was gone. (more…)