TAEM- Actress/ Songwriter Carmen Perez in the NEWS!

Yellow-Headshot-400x700-Web  Actress and songwriter Carmen Perez has created a strong second venue to her career. At present she is forming a band and has been feverishly writing music for it. Several of her songs have appeared on the UK music charts, and she is very proud of these accomplishments.

Carmen Perez was born to make music but didn’t realize it until after she had already been around the world as an active duty U.S. Army soldier; earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Politics; acted and died in numerous films and TV series and painted over 100 pieces of art. She was born in the Bronx, New York and moved to Puerto Rico when her parents divorced at age 10. Before their split, some of her favorite memories are of her father rehearsing on the bass for the local ‘salsa’ bands he played with.

AmorosoMirror2For the past few years Carmen has been working on her craft as a musician and songwriter. In 2010 she co-wrote & recorded a few songs, in which 2 ended up in Billboard Dance Club and UK Pop Charts.  Expanding her musical vision, she will be releasing a 3-song EP in May 2013 as an introduction to more music to come, in different genres.







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