TAEM News Flash! Famous Law and Order: SVU Producer Robert F. Campbell in the News!

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that Producer Robert F. Campbell (interviewed in our March 1, 2011 issue) has a new project in the works. Robert is another mainstream producer that has began producing web series films.

His wife, Muriel Campbell, has recently produced the popular web series, Pink Slip, which has been displayed in our magazine. Robert’s new project is titled Inconceivable Housewives. Bob says, “Here’s the idea behind “Inconceivable Housewives”…a joint Rainycourt and Pennylane Production. Robert’s partner in the production is Anna Damergis.
“Female friends form a support group to encourage each other as they try to accomplish the one goal missing from their lives. All in their ’30s,-,, they’ve achieved success in marriage and business— but, the clock is ticking and they all want to become biological mothers. They cheer each other on…with comical and, often, poignant results.”

We predict that this will be a comedy hit that will have audiences asking for more. Robert had produced fifty-one shows of the popular television series Law and Order: SVU and this new venture is sure to be a hit. Our magazine further predicts that network and cable channels will be looking at this series to possibly include it to their regular weekly scheduling.

We’ve included the following links for our readers to view the series for yourselves below.


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