TAEM interview with Actor Paxton Marosok

paxtonmarosok-topTAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has many followers who are students of the arts, and use our publication as a learning tool to hone their craft, and careers. We often introduce seasoned and accomplished personalities in the world of cinema to ask how they succeeded, and what pitfalls they made. In this way young actors can not only  follow the same course to reach their goals, but avoid the pitfalls that could trip them up.

We also introduce new actors to our readership to assure our readers that everyone starts somewhere. In this way we hope to assure our them that they are not alone in their quest for stardom. This is such the case with a newly discovered actor, Paxton Marosok. Paxton, please tell our readers about the beginning of your quest and your journey to California to help realize your dreams.

PM- I started acting when I was at the age of 19 when I moved to California and never had any acting experience before. I realized I wanted to do this around the age of 18 and just decided to pack up my bags and roll out to Los Angeles chasing my dreams. I always follow my dreams, no doubt. Its just been my dream my whole life and I kept quiet about it until I was near the end of High School, and I’ll never give up on this industry.

TAEM- Did you undertake formal training before reaching for your goals, and if so please tell us about them.

PM- I did not receive any training until I moved to Los Angeles, so I didn’t really do auditions or even extra’s until after January, which is about 3 months. I also attended IMTA and iPOP.

Paxton-3TAEM- Your determination was great, but your dream was compelling. Tell us about your courage to take this huge step, and what you first found when you reached Hollywood.

PM- It hit me at the last minute when I came here that I am out here on my own now and I have hardly anybody I know and moved into my apartment waiting until private training started. I found that this city has a lot of good and bad, but I still love it. No matter how crazy it seemed over the past year and a half, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s been a great experience out here too.

TAEM- What was the initial tasks that you set forth for yourself upon arriving in California to help you gain recognition ?

PM- I wasn’t really certain of much when I first arrived of how I would gain recognition, I thought it would have been easier than I thought for other reasons…

TAEM- Who were the people that helped you when you got there, and what professional advice did they offer ?

PM- My manager and my acting coach helped me in the beginning and kind of showed me the ropes. Steve Scott and David Voogd are awesome, and of course now Josh Mitchell ever since I met him in mid-March.

TAEM- We understand that you appeared in a number of hit television shows and have also been in several commercials. Please tell us about this aspect of your journey, and the shows that you were seen on.

PM- I got pictures taken for an acne commercial and interviewed, also in a different commercial I was a featured extra on HUB Network, which I believe will be on their website this year. The other shows I did were all extra roles on TV shows, YouTube, and one was a pilot.

TAEM- You were also picked up by a modeling agency for some of the ads that you appeared in. How has this helped your career, and has it given you the confidence that you need.

PM- Oh man, once I got an agent I was fired up to get rocking, but most of my work has come from myself alone other than that featured extra in commercial and party guest on CMT’s Big Redneck Vacation, and more recently Josh is blowing me up.

Paxton-2TAEM- Who has been your greatest influence in your career, and who has mentored you in your training ?

PM- Different music artists, Robert Downey Jr. , Christian Bale, Jason Statham, and my mother. My acting coach Steve Scott who was in the movie Real Steel with Hugh Jackman and The Wannabe’s starring savvy as character: Mr. Moody. He’s the man and has enhanced my talents and ways to train by myself really well. He’s a professional when it comes to acting.

TAEM- We also learned that you have been given a role in a film being made. Please tell us the name of the film and the role that you have in it.

PM- It’s a new action film but I can’t release a specific detail at this point.

TAEM- Of all the genres of film on the market today, what type of film would you like to be in, and what part would you like to play ?

PM- I love action movies that is my goal and what I want to do. Do my own stunts, commit fully to a role, do what I love, being in a different world, and every day is dynamic. There are so many roles I want to play but if I had to say one it would be playing a werewolf for sure. Van Helsing inspired that.

TAEM- Paxton, you have started on an exciting journey and I believe that your strong determination will lead you to the success that you seek. You must reach out to learn your trade from those that have gone on before you. Always seek the help that you need and never shy away from your dream. I want to thank you for your time with our interview and wish you sincere luck in all that you do.

PM- Thank you I appreciate your time, interview, and good questions, take care.

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