TAEM News Flash! Actress Alicia Lara in the News!

Alicia Lara   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has just learned that a beautiful actress, whom we have interviewed in the past, has been cast in an upcoming film that will surely be a great attraction in the box office. Actress Alicia Lara (June 1, 2010 issue) has just landed a role in the movie Burden of Freedom .

“Burden of Freedom” follows the lives of two Spec ops soldiers that fought together in the Battle of Najaf, Iraq, only to come home to a different kind of battle. This film will help spread awareness of PTSD in an impactful dramatic way!! Get ready!!! We have assembled an amazing cast so far!! Also starring in the film is Kyle Hester and Eileen Grubba who we also interviewed in past issues of our publication.

Burden the film 3x6The productions director is Gary Hubb and it has been written by Ken Ramoz who also wrote the screenplay. The producers for the film are Kyle Hester, Ken Ramoz, and Pete Freeland. Our magazine will keep our readers posted when more details emerge.

Alicia had also produced the web series Urban Jungle Dating Dilemmas that can be seen on YouTube which we had mentioned in the interview. You can find it at  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheUJDD . She is a splendid and beautiful actress whose talents will add to the film’s appeal.

The Facebook page for the film is:    http://www.facebook.com/BurdenOfFreedomTheMovie


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