TAEM Interview with Author Beverly Lien

Author Beverly Lein

Author Beverly Lein

TAEM- Many good things are coming from our northern neighbor, Canada. Among them is a bevy of authors who have been producing some great work. The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has recently introduced a number of them to our vast readership and we have just discovered another author of great interest, Beverly Lien.

Beverly, what first interested you to take up the pen and who was the author that most influenced you in your work ?

BL-We grew up in a world with no power, no telephones, no running water,  no such things as computer’s etc. Our lives were governed by hard work so if you ever got your hands on a comic book or story book of any sort you were one lucky kid. School had storybooks so one could lose themselves in a fantasy land.

There was no one special author who influenced me if the story was good  I read it.

I loved the Old Louis L’Amour cowboy stories or Edgar Rice Burrows and his Tarzan stories.

My first book about an elk I had called Butter was what prompted me to write my first story. She was so unique I wanted the world to know about her. I finished it and called it An Elk in the House. I was fortunate a publisher liked it and took it on.

Butter-and-Beverly-2009TAEM- We understood that writing stories, poetry, and songs were your greatest hobby. Tell us a little about these pursuits.

BL-Writing has always been something that comes easy to me, I am a natural storyteller so it was the best way to convey my thoughts and feelings about my life and interests.

TAEM- We also learned that you raised elk with your husband on your ranch. Describe this most interesting aspect of your life, and the ranch itself.

BL-  We had a medium size farm with at facility where the elk were herded for the vet needs and tagging. We would also have them in there when we had to help with calving- if one was coming out backwards or was having trouble being born.

We no longer raise Elk, but while I did I loved calving season the most.

People could take lessons from the elk family on raising their families.

Elk are very loyal to each other and care for other mother elks’ babies letting them suck on each other once there a couple months old.

When a calf squeals the whole herd comes in to protect it. It’s quite remarkable.

Elk-in-the-HouseTAEM- You have written several books, including An Elk in the House. What is the connection between the book and your life with raising elk ?

BL- Butter became my whole life, everything I did pertaining to raising elk centered around her because I became a mother elk doing everything I could to make her fit back into the elk world.

Once taken from the herd she almost became human because she was caught between too worlds. It was tough for her, as she was an outcast to the point when the bull went to breed her she didn’t know how to cope and he almost killed her.

My Butter died May 25 th 2012 from cancer , five days short of her fourteenth birthday. I babied and looked after her until I knew that I could not save her and had to let her go. We couldn’t wait for the vet, it would have taken too long, and so my brother ended up shooting her. I kissed her and hugged her and then my brother put her down. It was quick, but when I walked to the house I never felt more empty and I still cry for her. She was a huge part of my life.

threesaintsofchristmas_printTAEM- Your next books , The Three Spirits of Christmas,  and Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam, are intriguing as well. This truly bespeaks your love of nature and the great outdoors. Please tell our readers about the first novel.

BL-  I love Christmas and the nostalgia that come with the old Christmas Spirits of sharing, giving, and the lovely Christmas stories waiting to be retold, this is a story for all those that believe in Santa, Angels and Saints. I set it in the 1800’s as that’s a time I felt spoke about the true meaning of Christmas without all the commercialism of today. And it also brings us back to pioneer times and the hardships they faced.

The Wolf Spirit is about God’s animals, and people and the great desire to live and exist in a world of different cultures. Set in the past as well, it is an old fashioned somewhat forbidden love story between two different cultures and races. It also highlights the relationship between animals and their predators in the world.

TAEM- Where can our readership find these, and how can they purchase them ?

BL-These books can be purchased  through Ink Water Press, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Also through me, my web site is beverlylein.wordpress.com  my name , address and email are available.

TAEM- We have also learned that you just completed your third novel, Evil on the Peace River. Please tell our readers about the theme behind the book.

BL-Killers on the loose, a prison break, kidnapping  and a young woman between them and the survival of a little boy and a RCMP officer.

large-cover-imageTAEM- Who are the main protagonists in the story, and what are the relationships between them ?

BL-The main characters are Jane and Cam and everyone seems to love his dog Sam who plays a big role. I don’t’ want to give too much away, about their relationships- it is after all a mystery.

TAEM- What influenced you to write this story, and is there a real life event that corresponds to it ?

BL- Looking over the beautiful Peace River hills I thought of riding the canyons and hills on horseback, and I drove past the Peace River prison and got to wondering how and why people ended up there. By the time I got home I had the story of killers, a beautiful woman on a trail ride,  a thriller of a story trying to get out of my head on to paper.

TAEM- Who is the publisher of this book and where can our readers purchase it ?

BL-Ink Water Press is the Publisher of this book and again through Amazon.com or on my website

TAEM- Is there another book that you are working on, and what other genres of writing are you looking to explore ?

BL- Yes I am working on my sixth book right now I am close to being finished. It’s almost ready for my editor- I’ve been working a long time on it- another historical fiction theme.    I also wrote a Christian themed book called Mary Woman of Sorrow published by Ink Water Press. For genres I just write what I’m interested in, so I’m not stuck in any particular genre.

TAEM- Beverly, with many the many college students who follow our publication, as well as the many budding writers who use our magazine as a learning tool, what sage advice would you give them?

Evil-on-the-Peace-River-CoverBL- Just Write. And  do not be afraid to write. Don’t be afraid of your grammar – that is why there are editors out there to fix it up! I am a storyteller and I do not profess to be anything else.

Use your team of editors and publishers to take your stories to the finish line. If you’re educated in all these fields then best of luck. But the most important thing to do is think of something and write.

Someone said I’d love to write but nothing comes to me, I asked her if she ever day dreamed about things, she said all the time, I said well my dear that’s what a story is a day dream, that becomes a story.

TAEM- Beverly, we want to thank you for taking your time with our interview, and I know that many of our readers have enjoyed learning about you and your work. We wish you much luck and ask that you keep in touch with us for all your future endeavors so that we may all follow your writing career and spirit.


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