TAEM Interview with Author Peter Brow

Author Peter Brow

Author Peter Brow

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine continues to search the globe for new writers so that we can introduce them to our vast readership. Many talented authors are being discovered by us monthly in the lands just north of our border. One great Canadian discovery that we recently just chanced upon is writer Peter Brow.

TAEM- Tell us about your native Canada, and where you come from.

PB-It’s an interesting story because although I’m Canadian and live in Vancouver, B.C., I was actually born in India. I spent my first seven years in a small, Northern Indian village. So, my first experiences were far removed from the Canadian tundra. I had more of a craving for spicy curries than Canadian back bacon! At age seven, we moved to Canada and my father immediately enrolled me in the all-Canadian activity – hockey. I’ve loved it ever since.

TAEM- Describe your personal life and the people that surround it.

PB-I live at the base of a mountain in North Vancouver with my wife and two sons. We enjoy a lively and creative atmosphere in our home with comedy being a central focus. My wife is a stand-up comedian who performs at comedy clubs throughout the city, my older son is on a comedy improv team, and my younger son makes movies – funny ones. It seems everyone’s trying to outdo each other. Our home life is never dull.

Peter-Brow-2TAEM-   Peter, we understand that writing was not your first career undertaking. Please tell us about your first career, and the education that you took to prepare yourself for it.

PB- I worked in the financial industry for a number of years. But, I always had the desire to write. For a while, my wife worked in a newsroom and every day she would arrive home from work. I’d ask how her workday was and she’s say: “Oh, today the Berlin Wall came down and we did phone interviews from the site.” And, I’d say: “Oh, I sat at my computer and played with numbers.” I always wanted to play with words, not numbers. So, I quit my job and went back to school – journalism school.

TAEM- We understand that one of your first positions dealing with finance was with a newspaper. Please tell us about this aspect of your life.

PB- After journalism school, I landed a job as the financial columnist for the Vancouver Sun daily newspaper. Here is the difference between a newsroom and all other corporate offices. In most workplaces, the energy level begins to sag as the afternoon progresses. But, in the newsroom, you could feel the excitement, the tension, and the energy as the day progressed towards deadlines. There was never a lull.

TAEM- How did your writing for the paper encourage you to take up writing as your career of choice ?

PB- Because of my prior financial background, I always got slotted for the finance articles at the paper. The editors knew I was a finance guy, so it was a natural fit. Of course, I didn’t object. I was the new guy in the newsroom and was just happy to be there. But, while I was dissecting financial documents, I really wanted to be out on the beat, chasing ambulances, court cases, police beats. I figured the only way, I could get away from writing about finance, was to write a book.

TAEM- What authors were your greatest influence, and who was your heaviest supporter once you set your goals ?

PB-I love contemporary fiction and one of my favorite authors in this genre is the British writer, Nick Hornby. His most famous book is ‘High Fidelity’, which was made into a movie with John Cusack. My book is in a similar vein – dealing with issues of male vulnerability, relationships, searching for love and meaning in life.

Lovers, God, and Eggs Benny

Lovers, God, and Eggs Benny

TAEM- Your debut novel is titled Lovers, God, and Eggs Benny. What is the theme behind your book, and what genre is it in ?

PB-My book is a romantic comedy for both male and female readers. It’s a love story that uses a variety of quirky vehicles such as letters to God, online dating, and an abundance of dialogue between fiery friends and lovers. Oddly enough, I think each reader will see a bit of him or herself in either a character or a scenario.

TAEM- Who are the main protagonists in your novel, and tell us a little bit about their characters that you portrayed ?

PB- Simon is the main protagonist. He’s a 28-year-old man suffering from a three-year dating/love dry spell. To make matters worse, Simon’s good friend, Tony, is the Adonis of the neighborhood, bedding women at will – while Simon waits for ‘the one’.

TAEM- Are their any real life personalities that they represent ?

PB- I’m Tony (kidding). Actually, I’m probably more like Simon.

TAEM- How can people purchase your book, and where can they go to do so ?

PB- You can buy the book right now at www.peterbrow.com or Kindle. You can also download a free Kindle app on Amazon, which allows you to upload the book onto your iPad. By September 2013, you’ll be able to access the book on all e-readers.

TAEM- Do you plan to do a sequel to it ? If so, when ?

PB- My second book is already in the works. It’s called ‘Joel and Samantha and Paula – A Love Story.” It should be available by the Fall of 2014.

TAEM- Are there any other projects in the wings that you are working on, and is there a favorite genre that you would like to write in ?

PB-Isn’t the second book enough? Who are you? My wife?

TAEM- Peter, that is funny. I want to thank you for your time in your interview with our publication and wish you luck in all your future endeavors. I know that many of our readers will be looking forward to reading your work and I hope that you let us know of any new developments that you will be working on.


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