TAEM News Flash! Producer Josh Mitchell in the News!

Producer Josh Mitchell

Producer Josh Mitchell

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is very happy to announce that long time friend and publicist Josh Mitchell has just released his Independent Film, Helen Keller Had A Pit Bull  on Vimeo Pro. “Vimeo is the new wave of Independent Filmmaking”, he stated.

Asked to describe the film, he said that it is “Based on true events.  A Boston publicist moves to LA with his girlfriend-actress to live the dream but his world is turned upside down when a rival competitor posts a nasty lie about him on the consumer website Ripoff Report.  To worsen matters, his girlfriend is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and her final dying wish is to get a pit bull.  As he mourns her tragic loss he is forced to make nice with his new furry friend while he works to get revenge on his enemy and restore his company’s reputation.”

HELEN KELLER - POSTER   Josh has asked us to display the trailer link as he is looking to enter film festivals around the world. You can watch it, and agree with us that this is a great production. You can contact Josh via links posted on the trailer info on that site.


Watch the trailer and the entire film here:


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