August, 2013

TAEM News Flash! Actress Calista Carradine in the News!

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Calista-Carradine  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine had interviewed actress Calista Carradine (click to see our interview in the January 2011 issue) under our old banner THE EERIE DIGEST. Since that time Calista has been quite busy.

We recently learned that she is co-starring in Nail House as well Mansion of Blood. The songs in ‘Mansion’ were written by the award winning bass player John Schayer for which she is recording. Calista has also wrote and sang songs in ‘Robert Loveless an American Legend’. The event was performed at the  award night for AOF films where The Loveless Legend won many awards. (more…)

TAEM News Flash ! Actress Tiffany Ariany in the News !

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Tiffany Ariany   The News is arriving from Hollywood hot and heavy recently and The Arts and Entertainment learned that the beautiful actress Tiffany Ariany ( click on to see the link) , who we interviewed in our June 1st, 2011 issue, is starring in a new Web Series L. A. Girls. Her agents, Farah Management, provided us the info about the new project.

L.A. GIRLS is a spoof/spin off of the hit HBO show GIRLS. The web series takes the iconic characters from GIRLS and spins them into the Los Angeles versions. L.A. GIRLS is a raunchy comedy web series that pushes the limits of what has been seen on the web. The goal was to make these episodes short and concise while still driving the plot forward. The material is edgy while never taking itself too seriously. (more…)

Through the Eyes of Jenny Mae – by author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Friday, August 30th, 2013
Joseph O'Donnell

Joseph O’Donnell

( from his book ‘Tales for Late at Night’ – See our BOOK STORE to get more)

Al Corzone was standing quietly in the hallway. The sterile environment of this section of the hospitals’ west wing was evident everywhere. Nurses plodded past him occasionally, yet their footfalls were barely audible.

Al was a detective for the New York city Police Department. He hated this part of his work. Meeting the parents of a victim was always hard, and he never quite mastered in what he would say to them. His partner, Ernie Brown, was a little better at it then he was, and tended not to get so emotionally bound up during this part of the investigation.

The parents had arrived shortly before they did, and both officers waited patiently outside the room for them so that they could ask them some questions. The victim, a young teenage girl, had been raped and nearly beaten to death. (more…)

TAEM interview with author David Evans

Friday, August 30th, 2013
David Evans

Photographer: Catherine Farqueson

TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always looking for new authors to present to our readership. Just recently we discovered an author who mixes sports with an in-depth look at the characters portrayed in his storyline. The book is a fictional endeavor concerning my favorite baseball team, The New York Mets. The title of the book is The Arkansas Connection a debut novel for author David Evans.

David, we have many college students and budding writers who follow our publication. Please tell them about your interest in writing, and how you prepared yourself towards this career choice.

DE- I am a physician and have written extensively in scientific journals. Like a lot of people I thought I had at least one novel in me.

TAEM- What authors most influenced you towards your choice in pursuing a writing career ?

DE- I do not believe any particular author was influenced in driving me to write a novel. I just thought it would be a good idea. (more…)

News Flash ! Actress Melissa Bacelar in the News !

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Melissa Bacelar   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine  is proud to announce that actress Melissa Bacelar (click on to see link), who we had interviewed in our October 1st, 2010, issue of our magazine, has been making appearances on the television circuit these past five months.

Melissa has turned her attention to her psychic work with domestic pets. She appeared on Anderson Live with Anderson Cooper, ABC Lookout, Home & Family, and The Real on Fox 5. Melissa is the renowned Pet Psychic and her popularity has soared on both coasts. (more…)

The Tweed Update by Roger Tweed

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Roger TweedTurnaround – What a difference a month makes!  After a stellar past four weeks, our portfolio has pulled to within two percentage points of the performance (since January 10) of the S&P 500, versus four percentage points on July 5.  All of our positions, except for Wisdom Tree Japan Hedged Equity (DXJ), gained ground over the past four weeks.  But the real driver of the improved performance of our portfolio is Facebook (FB) and its 56% gain for the period.  Since July 5, our portfolio gained 8.4% while the S&P 500 gained 4.8%.  Since its January 10 inception our portfolio has gained 14.91% while the S&P 500 has gained 16.58%.  (more…)

News Flash ! Actress Sarah Nicklin in the News !

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Actress Sarah Nicklin  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine always promises to keep our readers abreast of the latest news that is going on in Hollywood with all the entertainers that we have interviewed. We learned that actress Sarah Nicklin (click on to see link) that we interviewed in our November 30, 2011 issue has been quite busy indeed.

Since that time she has been in three back-to-back films : Normal ; Debeaked ; and The Fetish Set. Things are still happening for this beautiful and talented actress as she appeared in the film Exhumed. Asked about her latest film she said that ” The film has just been released and is getting a lot of great reviews.” (more…)

TAEM Interviews Rapper DaShawn Clem

Friday, August 30th, 2013

374684_309198279103757_100000407629298_977259_1831513773_nTAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine explores every field of the arts and music to give our readership a wide field of knowledge of the many cultures that surround us. One such field of music is known as ‘Rap’, and no one reps this field more than DaShawn Clem who goes by the name of Casanova.

DaShawn, please tell us about your beginnings and your first introduction to the world of music.

DC- I remember being about 5 years old. I would sit in church with my babysitter/family friend Sherry Hummer (a Gospel singer) and during the music part of the service I would get really excited and imitate the drummer. Sherry would notice this and smile every time. So one day Sherry told my mother about my interest in playing the drums. It just so happened that my godfather Tyrone Hamilton had played the drums in several bands years before. My mother had a strong desire for me to be productive and not grow up to be a “knucklehead”, so she consulted with the two of them and they all agreed that giving me a drum set and teaching me about drums and music would be an excellent way to help achieve my mother’s goal. On my 6th birthday, after hanging out with all my friends at my party, my mother took me home and surprised me with a 7-piece drum set. I was more than enchanted. I mean too thrilled! I began taking lessons from my godfather until I was about 12 years old. (more…)

TAEM News Flash! Actress Donnie Kent in the News!

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Actress Donnie Kent  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that actress Donnie Kent (click on to see link) who we interviewed in our November 1st, 2012 issue is working on a new TV/ Web series. The new show is titled Clarissa’s World.

When asked about the theme behind the story, Sharlene Humm, Donnie’s producer said “Clarissa’s World is a project I created to tell the story of what it is like to have a talented child, who dreams of being in the entertainment industry.  I have seen the good and the bad, the happiness and the uncontrollable tears.  I have attend hundreds of events watching not only my own children but other’s children hoping that one day someone will recognize them for what they can do.   All the children in Clarissa’s World are Prodigy children…like so many others children around the world all dreaming for the chance to one day be discovered.” (more…)

TAEM interviews with screenwriters Joseph and Billy Pepitone

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Josephand BillyPepitoneTAEM- Screenwriting is one of the most important tools in creating a successful show or film, and here at The Arts and Entertainment Magazine we like to present that factor to all of our student readers. I’d like to present a pair of brothers from my home town, New York City, who have honed their skills to come up with a new film which has just been released on Blue Ray. Their names are Joseph and Billy Pepitone, and the film they have produced is called Stuck in the Middle.

TAEM-  Joseph, you have worked in Hollywood for some time. Tell our readers about your first experiences there and how you first prepared yourself for your career.

JP- I’ve been working in television for over 15 years and it was difficult starting out. Everyone views everyone as competition so its very rare someone is going to give you an opportunity. That’s why I wanted to make this movie with my friends and people I trusted. I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of push back and could make the movie we wanted to make without anyone telling us we were going to far. (more…)

‘Falling, for You’ by Guest Author Alex Knight

Friday, August 30th, 2013
Guest Author Alex Knight

Guest Author Alex Knight

Falling, for You

by Alex Knight

“Birds do it, bees do it… let’s fall in love… ”

What does this catchy Cole Porter tune have to do with skydiving? Adventurous individuals from 18 years of age to 70 and beyond are ‘flying’ through the air with the aid of a parachute, and falling in love with it. Everyone I spoke with, regardless of his or her age, agreed on one thing, ‘it’s like nothing else.’ When asked if they would do it again, first time skydivers answered with a unanimous, resounding ‘yes!’

If you think skydiving is a modern sport, it might surprise you to learn that in 852, Armen Firman performed one of the first recorded ‘parachute’ jumps in history. Armen attempted to fly off a tower in Cordoba using a cloak on a wooden frame. And, in the late 1400s, Leonardo Da Vinci designed a pyramid shaped parachute that had features similar to those used in modern day parachutes. (more…)

J&J Movie Review- ‘The Wolverine’

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Hugh JackmanThis movie is a prequel to the upcoming new ‘X Men’ movie . In it we find Logan (Hugh Jackson) struggling to find himself with bitter memories of the past, and an uncertain future. A messenger from modern day Japan, Yukio ( Rila Fukushima), is sent to summon Logan at the bidding of an old friend, Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi). The pretense of the summons is to repay Logan for saving his life.

We reviewed at the Rave Cinema in Centreville Virginia on a Sunday morning when it was assured that there would be a small amount of patron turnout, and few children. The theater is located just off of Route 28 and has a great deal of parking available to movie-goers. This is another fine film in the Marvel series which is proving to be a financial success. This is a great relief to the box office after a recent spate of disastrous films. (more…)