J&J Movie Review- ‘The Wolverine’

Hugh JackmanThis movie is a prequel to the upcoming new ‘X Men’ movie . In it we find Logan (Hugh Jackson) struggling to find himself with bitter memories of the past, and an uncertain future. A messenger from modern day Japan, Yukio ( Rila Fukushima), is sent to summon Logan at the bidding of an old friend, Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi). The pretense of the summons is to repay Logan for saving his life.

We reviewed at the Rave Cinema in Centreville Virginia on a Sunday morning when it was assured that there would be a small amount of patron turnout, and few children. The theater is located just off of Route 28 and has a great deal of parking available to movie-goers. This is another fine film in the Marvel series which is proving to be a financial success. This is a great relief to the box office after a recent spate of disastrous films.

Brian TeeOther noted characters in the movie were Brian Tee (click to see link), who we interviewed for our publication on June 29, 2012, Marika (Tao Okamoto) who is the main focus of Logan’s quest, and Shingen (played by Hiroyuki Sanada) is her father. An unwitting hero, Harada (Will Yum Lee) joins in the fray to make this film an exceptional choreographed action flick. Other characters arrive that have a prominent place in the film’s success.

Rila Fukushima_This is a must see film and is a better story than the previous ‘Wolverine’ film. It is action packed and filled with trials, romance, and drama. The characters are well played and the actors fit their roles perfectly. This movie would also be an excellent addition to the Marvel fan’s collection of ‘X Men’ films and is the lead-off for the next ‘Wolverine’ film that is already in the making. Other characters in the ‘X Men’ series are also receiving their own new films, and it is sure to be a financial success for Marvel. We will be sure to review them as they appear on the screen.


Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joe O’Donnell, Jr.

Joseph O’Donnell

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