News Flash ! Actress Melissa Bacelar in the News !

Melissa Bacelar   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine  is proud to announce that actress Melissa Bacelar (click on to see link), who we had interviewed in our October 1st, 2010, issue of our magazine, has been making appearances on the television circuit these past five months.

Melissa has turned her attention to her psychic work with domestic pets. She appeared on Anderson Live with Anderson Cooper, ABC Lookout, Home & Family, and The Real on Fox 5. Melissa is the renowned Pet Psychic and her popularity has soared on both coasts. You can find her appearances broadcast on You Tube at the following site:

Melissa is an animal communicator and puts pet owners in contact with their pets. She also recently delivered a baby, and is still going strong. We want to congratulate her on her recent blessed event, and on her many television interviews. We wish her much luck and  hope to hear  from her again in the near future !


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