News Flash ! Actress Sarah Nicklin in the News !

Actress Sarah Nicklin  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine always promises to keep our readers abreast of the latest news that is going on in Hollywood with all the entertainers that we have interviewed. We learned that actress Sarah Nicklin (click on to see link) that we interviewed in our November 30, 2011 issue has been quite busy indeed.

Since that time she has been in three back-to-back films : Normal ; Debeaked ; and The Fetish Set. Things are still happening for this beautiful and talented actress as she appeared in the film Exhumed. Asked about her latest film she said that ” The film has just been released and is getting a lot of great reviews.”

Sarah Nicklin   Not willing to sit on her laurels, Sarah is still working hard. We queried her to find out what she is presently up to and she said ” I’m starring in a new Web Series, The Salinger Spies, and its now finished and being released as well”. You can see the trailers for Exhumed and The Salinger Spies by clicking on the link to her November 2011 interview above and scroll to the bottom of the interview where you will find them.

We wish Sarah continued success and hope to hear more about her in the near future.


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