TAEM News Flash! Actress Donnie Kent in the News!

Actress Donnie Kent  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that actress Donnie Kent (click on to see link) who we interviewed in our November 1st, 2012 issue is working on a new TV/ Web series. The new show is titled Clarissa’s World.

When asked about the theme behind the story, Sharlene Humm, Donnie’s producer said “Clarissa’s World is a project I created to tell the story of what it is like to have a talented child, who dreams of being in the entertainment industry.  I have seen the good and the bad, the happiness and the uncontrollable tears.  I have attend hundreds of events watching not only my own children but other’s children hoping that one day someone will recognize them for what they can do.   All the children in Clarissa’s World are Prodigy children…like so many others children around the world all dreaming for the chance to one day be discovered.”

Donnie Kent Pic #1   She further stated ” As a single mom I learned years ago you do whatever you can to help make your child’s dream come true.  As some of you may already know writing, producing, theater and films are all vital components in my life.  I love this business.   In 2000,I brought my words to life on stage in my play “Smiling through the Tears” about surviving domestic violence.  I continued to write stage plays featuring a cast of adult and child actors.   I set up my non-profit and for the past 14 year I have helped survivors of violence and abuse around the world.  I’ve written a few books that you can find on Amazon.com.  I began including film in my work in 2009.  This project I am doing under my nonprofit and my back lot studios program.”

At present, Donnie is drumming up funding for the project and says it should be coming to the web shortly. To help out, or to learn more about Donnie, you can go to her web site at :http://donniekent.com . We wish Donnie much luck on this worthy project.


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