TAEM Goes to the 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con!

IMG_2186The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & THE EERIE DIGEST attended the Baltimore Comic-Con this past month. It was a great event and we have met many writers and illustrators of these great magazines there. We are very happy to report that we will be able to present interviews with them to our readers in upcoming articles.

We also were able to take plenty of pictures of those attending the event in costume and we will present them at the end of this article. Our trip started without a hitch and we had booked a room at the Towson Best Western Hotel just North of Baltimore (more about that later on in this article).

We first attended day one at the show for the two day event there. Costumed attendees showed up in droves and most costumes proved to be excellent. This was definately the Mecca for display of these for the East Coast fans of comic books. The one disappointment was that comic book king Stan Lee did not attend the show this year. Still, the event was fabulous.

At the end of the first day we retired to our hotel, first stopping at the Towson Pho Restaurant downstairs, for dinner. Their Asian cuisine was very tasty, but each dish was more than one could handle. Later we retired to our room for a much needed rest. Unfortunately the hotel rented a good portion of our floor to a wedding party who ran through the hall all night screaming and constantly slamming doors while playing tag. They were definately a pack of animals, in my view. Needless to say, many of the other occupants needed to repeatedly call the front desk, but to no avail. By the next morning we were thoroughly exhausted and annoyed. Word to the wise….if you need to book a hotel room anywhere, first ask if there is going to be a ‘hall party’ on your floor, then book another room if the answer is yes.

The following morning we ate breakfast (with much coffee) that was provided by the hotel, then we were off again for Day #2 of the Comic-Con. This proved to be as exciting as the first day even though the crowds were a little thinner. Costumed attendees were in full bloom once again and we are happy to include pictures of those as well. I hope that you will enjoy all of them and hope to see a lot of our readers their again next year !


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