TAEM News Flash! Gloria Kisel Hollis Produces New Film!

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has learned that Gloria Kisel-Hollis (click to see interview) who we interviewed in our February 1st, 2011 issue has just produced a new short film. The title of the film is The Brentwood Connection .com .

Gloria, who we met during Damian Chappa’s film premier of Brando in Hollywood has been keeping quite busy. Asked about the theme behind her new film she told us that it is about Two divorcee socialites lose it all and then cleverly come up with a humorous social media business plan to hopefully get back to their accustomed lives of riches and romance.

Fresh out of their pathetic divorce settlements ,Lana(Gloria Kisel) and her best friend Ella(Tina Hillstrom) come up with a unique business idea to jump start their miserable lives. They create a “fictitious” on-line dating website to provide matchmaking services for elite wealthy suitors but in reality it is for their own personal use hoping their next business decision leads them back to a life of love, success and billions!

She stated that “The misery of divorce can unexpectedly lead you back to success in business and more importantly, in love!”

It’s a great and amusing concept and our readers can watch the trailer at: https://vimeo.com/74847689 . We look forward to reporting its success in the near future.


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