TAEM News Flash! Our Publisher is a Featured Guest Speaker at a Local Writer’s Club!

Joe O'Donnell   Our publisher, Joseph J. O’Donnell, was recently invited to speak at the monthly meeting of the Riverside Writer’s Club in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Originally scheduled as a radio interview, it ran into a snag when the gentleman with the radio equipment failed to show up.

The monthly meeting continued, however, and our publisher soldiered on. Mr. O’Donnell explained the workings of our publication and the purpose behind it as a learning tool for those studying the Arts, and for college students around the world. He also told of the many literary, Hollywood, and television personalities, as well as many others, who have appeared in our publications. He also gave pointers in how to get published.

The meeting was set by the club’s president Jim Gaines, who has appeared in our magazine a number of times, and took place in the area library. Approximately fifteen club members attended and were appreciative of the narrative delivered by our publisher. The meeting took place in the area library.


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