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Natasha BlasickNatasha Blasick’s New Television Series and Paranormal Romance Novel!

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is excited to release information on Actress Natasha Blasick (click on to see article) who we interviewed in our August 2010 issue. We learned that Natasha has spread her wings and is now doing much more than acting and modeling. She even is a member of an international rock band.

Recent months have been a time of creation for actress Natasha Blasick. Dreams inspired her to commence writing a paranormal romance novel trilogy. And a television series starring the Ukrainian native is in the works.

Natasha is currently co-writing Live In Your World, a series of novels about Vivien, a woman whose dreams of an alien lover turn out to be more than she could ever imagine. The story spans across the galaxy. A handsome alien, Ardin, reveals an amazing truth to Vivien in book one. Book two takes her to her true home world. Book three brings it all together. Other worlds are connected to Earth with competing agendas.

Natasha Blasick- 4Natasha’s own fantastical dreams inspired the tale. “I’m fascinated by the idea of alien life. My own encounter with a UFO in Ukraine has a lot to do with it. This story revealed itself organically.” The title came from a previously released song of Natasha’s by the same name. “It’s amazing how things interrelate. The lyrics captured the mood of the story before there even was a story.” Writing these books has provided a new creative outlet for the girl from Odessa. Book one will be released in early 2014.

On the acting front, Natasha has just been cast to play a lead role in an upcoming spy series for television. Set in the world of espionage, Natasha will play a woman of mystery and intrigue. “I’m so thrilled about it,” says Natasha. “It puts my character in so many unique and challenging situations. It’s also going to push me with intense physical demands.”

Natasha Blasick- 3Natasha has been involved with the creation of the show from the ground up. “I wish I could tell more details at the moment. What I can say is that it’s been a true delight to work with such a great team. Unlike writing a novel, filmmaking is a collaborative art. Teamwork really does make the dream work.  A top secret through line anchors the whole series in a covert gambit. It’s going to be something I’ll be really proud of. In fact, I’m already proud of it. I can’t wait until we can go public with the complete details. And, of course, get it in the can.”

Like the ocean’s tides, an artist’s life goes through its own ebbs and flows. Natasha Blasick has been busy laying the groundwork for new projects in acting and beyond. An additional layer is the recording of the debut album for her band Snowflakes. She plays bass guitar in the indie rock band. With an album, a novel, and a television series set to debut in the coming year, 2014 will be a time of great visibility for Natasha Blasick.

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