TAEM News Flash! Sons of Anarchy actress in the News!

Eileen- 02  This past month The Arts and Entertainment Magazine had announced that actress Eileen Grubba was advocating a campaign for Global Genes, to help young children all over the world. She continues to assist this cause and you can see the latest interview with her at  http://globalgenes.org/interview-with-writer-advocate-and-actress-eileen-grubba/ .   Eileen continues to support many great charities and recently explained another of her projects : Sleeping with the Bear . Asked about this she quoted : “We made “Sleeping With The Bear” to show audiences what it looks like when a person with a REAL physical challenge, inhabits a character with a similar challenge. We wanted to show the depth of pain one feels, behind closed doors, when they are facing devastating news, from the point of view of someone who HAS faced such news. The kind of pain we never really feel comfortable sharing with others. We also made it to take the audience through the journey of being in your worst emotional place, and then show how you can turn it around when you take the focus off of your problem, and turn your energy and mind toward helping someone else. We hoped to show the entertainment world the emotional depth and passion that comes when you hire an actor with extreme life experience to inhabit a challenging role.

Eileen GrubbaIn the moment that this film was conceived, I had just been diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome that causes most cancers and was very close to losing my SAG health insurance again because of an industry that won’t even allow most actors with challenges, even as simple as a limp, to audition for lead roles. After 20 plus years of training and hard work, we decided, we’ll make a film ourselves that shows the work of ONE actor with a physical difference. It was welcomed in festivals around the world, and we received a Best Actress nomination.”

She added, “Here is the sizzle reel one of our Producers created to inspire people to support our project and our cause”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCCkZHei-xY

Once again The Arts and Entertainment Magazine salutes Eileen, and the cause that she advocates.


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