J&J Movie Review – Thor: The Dark World

Thor The Dark WorldOur J&J Movie Review has recently taken us to view Thor: The Dark World at our local cinema. We decided to go to Centreville Virginia’s Rave Theater on the opening day. It was mid-afternoon when we attended the event, and being a Friday there were very few people in the theater at that time. This gave us time to relax and enjoy the film and its content.

The first segment of the film moved slowly and was shot in a semi-noire atmosphere. The landscape in the opening battle between good and evil was a desolate scene as the film’s director, Alan Taylor, thought it wiser to concentrate on the characters. This is not to say that the vast proportion of the film was un-colorful, just the opposite is true.

The production is an action packed film with plenty of special effects and a good storyline. Stan Lee, one of the comic book creators of Thor, had his usual appearance in the film as well. We’ll let our readers search for him as the film unfolds on the screen.

Chris Hemsworth played Thor, and Natalie Portman was his human heartthrob, Jane Foster. Tom Heddleston was cast again as Loki, the evil brother of Thor, and Anthony Hopkins played the role of Odin. All the actors filled their roles to the fullest, but Hopkins seemed to be a little run down. Perhaps age is sneaking up on him for this character. After all, he is seventy-five years old.

We gave this film a 4 out of 5. Action and special effects were pretty good and the story line we rated as fair. This is a good addition for the action comic movie buffs and a must see for Marvel Comic fans. The DVD, when it comes out, would be recommended for your collection.


Joe O'Donnell, Jr.

Joe O’Donnell, Jr.

Joseph O’Donnell

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