December, 2013

J&J Movie Review: ‘The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug’

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

The_Hobbit_-_The_Desolation_of_Smaug_04 This is the movie that we have all been waiting for! The Desolation of Smaug is the second part of Peter Jackson’s rendition of The Hobbit. We had done a movie review of Part One, The Unexpected Journey (click on to see the article) in our December 17, 2012 issue so we have been chafing at the bit to see this continuation in the series.

As expected Peter Jackson did not disappoint us, and the wait was well worth it.  As a true Tolkien story lover the elder member of our team was excited to see it. He has read  The Hobbit twenty-four times, and the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy twenty-three times. Since his high school days he has been a fervent fan, and it has been Tolkien who has inspired him to become a writer. He has written three books and published both The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & THE EERIE DIGEST as a result. (more…)

‘The Greenskin Chronicles: Fetch’ by author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
Joseph O'Donnell

Author Joseph O’Donnell

(exert from his book ‘Shorts’ copyright 5/7/2002)        

As goblins go, Fetch was not much to look at. His pale green skin pulled tightly around the frame of his average size body. There were smaller goblins, which gave some thought of comfort to him, but there was bigger and stronger goblins as well. These were the ones that gave him trouble.

All the goblin world was ruled by one motto, “Might Was Right”, and the stronger ones always bullied the weaker inhabitants. Fetch was not one for bullying and those lesser of his kind, thankfully appreciated that. He became a kind of leader to them, something that didn’t sit right with those above him. As time wore on though, they begrudgingly accepted him. They also found him to their advantage in having him do odd jobs that they did not care to do. Hence, he was given the name Fetch, which at the outset was not to his liking. It was the rule here, however, that the rulers of this world tag names on their underlings. Fetch finally accepted that, and it kept the most bothersome goblins off his back. (more…)

Seasons Greetings from our Publisher

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Merry Christmas The year is coming to a close once again and we look back on all those who have touched our hearts and have made life worth living. Our publication has now reached fifty-two issues and is read around the world. From our humble beginnings as a writer’s blog, we have grown to include stories from around the world and have covered all aspects of Hollywood. We have expanded further to become a learning tool for college students and students of the Arts.

Happy New YearWe ask all our readers to keep our military personnel in our thoughts and prayers as they sacrifice themselves for our freedoms. We also ask that you all share good tidings with all your loved ones and friends, as well as all those who cross your path in everyday life. This is the season of giving, so let us not forget all those in need.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


from all of us at…..

The Arts and Entertainment Magazine



‘Wood for the Fire’ by Guest Author Michael R. Brush

Monday, December 2nd, 2013
Guest Author Michael R. Brush

Guest Author Michael R. Brush

We occupied a small hunting lodge on the outskirts of the estate. Our mutual friend had allowed us the liberty to use this place for some time of quiet to get over the hectic term. We were, and are, quiet chaps so we relished the retreat to the country despite that, in deep winter, there was no game to be hunted and away from the house there was a lack of festive camaraderie.

Termed ‘Scrooges’ from the recent story by Dickens we were at home and content. You could say that we were happy there. We would drink our sherry and bitters, smoke our pipes and relax in our respective books. The one drawback from being so far away from the main house was that the service was erratic. We were sympathetic even when we ran short of comestibles, like game pie, or the bare necessities like bitters or sherry and one night, not too far off Christmas Eve, inside we ran short of wood for the fire. (more…)

Travel Time with Roger Tweed – ‘A Week in Minnesota’

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Roger Tweed

At the beginning of August, I was able to spend a week with my friend Cam and his family.  They have lived in the Twin Cities area for many years, and have a lovely home with a back yard pool and Cam’s extensive garden.  On this trip, Cam and I planned to visit International Falls and Lake Itasca, and to stop at as many Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives locations as we could, including a return visit to Gordy’s Hi Hat restaurant in Cloquet, MN.

On Tuesday, August 6, I flew from Washington, DC to Minneapolis on Delta.  I purchased my round trip flight, along with my rental car, through Orbitz for $688.  The package deal reduced the cost of the rental car by about $70.  I had an 11:45 am flight from DCA to MSP.  Mid-day lines for security at DCA were not too bad.  Everyone was on board by 11:39, but we didn’t push back until 11:49, four minutes late.  The flight was uneventful, and I managed to complete both the easy and the hard Sudoku puzzles in the in-flight magazine.  As we approached MSP you could see Target Field (home of the Minnesota Twins) and the Metrodome (former home of the Minnesota Vikings and Twins) off of the left side of the aircraft, an old warhorse MD-90.  Despite our late take off, we landed five minutes early.  My rental car was a Mazda 3, and I was very impressed with the front seat legroom.  My GPS took a while to catch up with the fact that I was no longer in Virginia, but it snapped into action just in time for me to avoid a traffic back-up on I 494, when it suggested that I exit onto MN 77 and then take MN 62 before getting onto I 35 for my trip through Minneapolis and into suburban Mounds View.  (more…)

TAEM News Flash! Author Brandt Legg in the News!

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Brandt-LeggThe Arts and Entertainment Magazine & THE EERIE DIGEST has just learned that author Brandt Legg (click on to see article) whom we interviewed in our April 30th, 2013 issue has just released the latest book in his series of fantasy thrillers.

The final book of the Inner Movement trilogy has just been released. The series is a fantasy thriller that combines mystics, metaphysical magic, psychics and reincarnation in an ancient conspiracy. Relentlessly pursued, Nate faces impossible choices that transcend life and death. Aided by mystics, he struggles to find understanding on a quest through extraordinary realms. Nothing and no one are what they seem. Even history can change when seen through an Outview. If Nate can keep his friends alive, avoid the nefarious agents after him, and unravel crucial mysteries from the past . . . the Movement just might have a chance to change everything.  (more…)

Our Magazine goes to Walt Disney World

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

disney world-2The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & THE EERIE DIGEST has traveled to Walt Disney World to explore the roots of animation and family entertainment. We want to share our findings with our tens-of-thousands of readers, and let them enjoy a first hand view from us of what we had discovered. With many students of the Arts, as well as the thousands of college students who use our publication as a learning tool, we wanted to present a deeper insight of the workings of Walt Disney World for you to appreciate.

Our team’s first stop, after leaving Orlando Airport, was the Embassy Suites on Lake Street. We would have loved to stay at one of the Disney resorts, but our hotel fit more within our budget. Please remember that we exist by advertising and some donations, outside of that everything is paid out of pocket. (more…)