Our Magazine goes to Walt Disney World

disney world-2The Arts and Entertainment Magazine & THE EERIE DIGEST has traveled to Walt Disney World to explore the roots of animation and family entertainment. We want to share our findings with our tens-of-thousands of readers, and let them enjoy a first hand view from us of what we had discovered. With many students of the Arts, as well as the thousands of college students who use our publication as a learning tool, we wanted to present a deeper insight of the workings of Walt Disney World for you to appreciate.

Our team’s first stop, after leaving Orlando Airport, was the Embassy Suites on Lake Street. We would have loved to stay at one of the Disney resorts, but our hotel fit more within our budget. Please remember that we exist by advertising and some donations, outside of that everything is paid out of pocket.

hotel  Our hotel was very comfortable and we experienced first hand their hospitality when we explored Los Angeles. At that time Hurricane Sandy was revenging the East Coast and we had to extend our stay there five additional days. Embassy Suites accommodated us  and extended our stay twice during that event. Their food is delicious and they provide all the comforts that a traveler needs. From pools, to exorcise and game rooms, to a shop where you can pick up any articles needed. They serve what seems a never-ending breakfast, which we needed to sustain us on our epic journey.


EpicotEpcot- Our first stop !

Our team chose Epcot as our first stop for these articles. We had hoped to meet with Disney management beforehand, but that was not to be as time was not on our side, but we hope to do so in the near future. There was much to see and do at this park for people of all ages, but we were fascinated by the innovative theme for it and wanted to explore that aspect further.

The parks symbol, and eighteen story geo-dome, is recognizable the world over. We arrived by a Disney Monorail train, and we understand that this mode of transportation has been possible for consideration in a number of urban centers. Nearby the dome we visited the home of tomorrow, where a ‘Green’ theme was used for its development. The many applications of technology was incorporated within the structure to show how we may save our environment by  saving energy and recycling products and converting them into new building materials. They call the project their ‘Vision House’, which is an apt name for this display.

street  We decided to go right to the favorite part of the theme park to me where displays of buildings and different cultures I found quite appealing. The many foods and merchandise sold, from the various countries they represent,  expand your imagination as a first hand look at the world. Music from the different countries, as well as the attire that vendors and performers wear, add to the distinct cultures that are represented in this section.

Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, as well as Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada surround the attraction known as The American Experience. At each of these sections food, merchandise, music, attire, and town settings visually separate themselves for the visitor to view and sample. Each and every one of these areas make one feel like a world traveler and we actually visited them all three times. It was a lot of walking, but well worth it.

goofy-bush As time was short for us we had to forestall seeing The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Test Tracks, and a few others, but we hope to explore them thoroughly on our next visit. We were able to see Mission: SPACE, which my team enjoyed greatly. It gives the visitors hands-on experience in space travel. As a team you are placed in charge of navigating, piloting, and commanding a space vehicle as it travels to Mars. There is even the position for an engineer (which I had to double for). The graphic displays and the controls are extremely realistic and it gives one the hope of performing such an adventure in the future.

We would like to finish this segment of our report by encouraging our vast audience to visit Epcot for yourselves and enjoy this adventure to the fullest.


…..in our next issue we will share our visit to

The Magic Kingdom

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