TAEM Explores Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood-StudiosThe Arts and Entertainment Magazine’s last stop on our tour of Disney’s Orlando theme parks had brought us to the doors of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was Thanksgiving Day and we got a late start from our hotel.

Upon arriving at the park we had found that there was a parade in progress so we decided to skip that event and head to The Tower of Terror ride. The line was surprisingly long, but with enjoyable weather, was manageable. With luck the youngest member of our group passed the minimum height requirement so we jumped on line anticipating the park’s ultimate attraction. We were not disappointed as the thrills and chills were everything that we hoped for. Surprisingly the youngest of us enjoyed the ride so much that she wanted to go again.

IMG_2978From here we decided to head to Muppet Vision 3D. Here again we waited on a line that I did not imagine could be so crowded, given the fact that it was a holiday. We all enjoyed the animated show and it was truly a work of art in how it must have been constructed. Even though I was an adult I had enjoyed it immensely. The magazine’s team members would have loved to see the behind-the-curtains operation of this set up to report on. Yet, still, the purpose of attending this attraction was for the delight of the youngest member of our troupe.

It was now past midday and our stomachs reminded us that we needed to be fed. Upon seeing that many of the restaurants and food places were crowded, we settled on a surprisingly novel eatery. The 50’s Prime Time Cafe put a great twist on eating out. The interior of the restaurant was set up like a drive-in movie and the booths designed to resemble automobiles. The screen at the front of the restaurant, where all the ‘autos’ faced, played 1950’s ‘B’ movies to the delight of the audience. The service was exceptional and the food was good and reasonably priced. Only the Disney people could dream up this design idea, and our hats are off to them.

IMG_2970Now that our appetites were sated we decided to go to the Star Wars- The Adventure Continues attraction. This ride was definately suited for all ages and we highly recommend it to all of our readers. Even though it was a long line it moved quickly and was well worth the wait. Disney designed the waiting line so that there was much to see, even though the actual attraction was still just ahead. Animation…that is the key to many of Disney’s successful rides. Much of that theory was put into practice on the waiting line and no one seemed to mind the crowds.

At this point evening was coming on and we took a break and did some shopping. We grabbed some snacks and drinks and rested our feet for a bit. Much of this theme park consisted of restaurants and places to purchase Disney items to remember our trip. We did miss out on a few of the remaining attractions, but we were all treated to another of Disney’s light shows. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights was an amazing choreographed event that is unequaled to any light show that I have ever seen. The Disney people guided everyone towards a predestined route that led you to¬† an area resembling the buildings and skyscrapers found in New York City. At the right moment, as darkness fell, the show began. Every building was strung up with lights on all the facades and they all began blinking in time with music from the well placed loudspeakers. Everyone was spellbound as the show continued and this certainly is one of this parks great achievements.

IMG_2965To understand the park’s creator better we attended the attraction Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. It was a culmination of this man’s inspiration on all that he created in the parks that we toured. We highly suggest that all our readers attend this attraction at the end of their tours in order understand better all that they have seen.

The park closed early for the holiday and we were glad that we had been able to see as much as we had. The entire idea of this trip was to introduce all of our readers to the magic of Disney. To do it all again I would attend one or two of the parks per visit to insure covering all the attractions. My favorite park of all would be The Magic Kingdom as this is probably Walt’s greatest legacy . Our hat is off to the people of Disney, as it is their magic, as well as that of it’s creator, that will keep everyone coming back again and again.



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