TAEM News Flash ! Actress Calista Carradine in the News !

Calista Carradine -1    In our January 2011 issue of The Arts and Entertainment Magazine we had the honor of interviewing actress Calista Carradine (click on to see the article). Calista is the daughter of the late actor David Carradine and a great actress herself. The Carradine family has captivated audiences for generations.

Since our interview Calista has been quite busy and has completed filming a role in Hitchhiker Massacre.


She is also starring in two films now in post-production : Mansion of Blood and Mata Hari.

Calista is also a great singer and has appeared in many shows. Asked about some of her performances she stated:

“This was my first visit to the desert playing an original of mine  which I wrote for Robert Loveless an American Legend with my new guitar player Kevin Quinn , the drummer from WAR Alvin Taylor and my old bass player John Schayer  who wrote Bad Too Long   for the film Mansion of blood

Calista Carradine- 2

Photo Credit: Jesse Sound

Just recently she appeared in the Coachella Valley Music show show’s host


(click on to watch the video) in which she is seen singing with the band and being interviewed by the shows host.

In the summer I plan to play in Portland with the band and visit Sienna Morris my younger daughter at www.fleetingstates.com and take a gander on the way in Oakland at the si fi expo

The new band is Snatch the Pebble with Kevin Quinn on lead guitar, Jerry Steal Fox on rhythm guitar, Chris Aldrich on drums ,Laszlo Wenzierl on bass . seen here on the Coachella music show

We are mounting our new website now with Bill Cote. This band is encouraging me to open up playing a little guitar which I normally reserve for camping

We are all anxious to see her latest films which come out later this year.

For more info see these other sites for Calista :calistacarradine.com  and snatchthepebble.net


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