TAEM News Flash! Actress Maryam Tarami in the News!

poster februaryyThe Arts and Entertainment Magazine has just learned that actress Maryam Tarami (click on to see article) who we interviewed in our May 2013 issue, is starring in a new movie. The film is titled February and we were lucky enough to catch up with her to ask some questions about her new project.

We asked Maryam to tell us something about the film.

“This project got triggered after a conversation I had with a woman from Iran” she said.  “She shared stories about her homeland Iran and how she one day left everything behind. It touched me when the woman said that nobody would ever understand her because they have no idea. This made me want to shed light on her situation and make a film about it. So, I shared my idea within my circle and they encouraged me to make it happen. One of the first friends I shared my idea with was actually Michael Florie, also a multi-talented actor, who even became our executive producer.” 

“How did you prepare for this film”, we inquired of her.

Maryam Tarami“It was a bit of a challenge for me playing this role”, she replied. “This is because I had to play an Iranian woman with quite some ‘heavy baggage from Iran’ who just gets to the Netherlands and does not even speak Dutch. I got to the Netherlands when I was young girl and never had the chance to go back. To prepare this role it would have been nice if I could go to Iran for a Month or two and investigate things there. This however was not possible. So my main source of information to prepare this role were interviews with Iranian people in the Netherlands, on their experiences back in Iran. In this vein, my colleague actor ‘Armin Tashakoor’ was also a nice source, because he came to the Netherlands when he was older and had the chance to experience how things are back in Iran.”

Maryam Tarami on set of February“Please tell us something about the film’s director, Siar Sedig”, we asked.

She replied, “It was great to have Siar Sedig attached as the director. Siar is an Afghan born guy who is raised in the Netherlands. I actually worked with on his previous film, due which I already knew him. I think Siar has two main qualities that are important for a director. The first one is that he is very creative. This enabled him to create more of the film than the average person may visualize when reading the script. Another quality is that he can remain very calm. I think this is important because it not only enables him to stay focused, but also how to deal with actors. Actors can be very sentimental so it is good to have calm director around. ”

” We understand that you readying this film for the Cannes Film Festival. What expectations do you have for it ?”, we prompted.

Maryam Tarami on set of February 2“It is hard to say what expectations I have.”, she said. “When I make a film I am mainly concerned whether I am happy about it. It is the same like creating some artwork. When I make a painting all that really bothers me is expressing what I have in mind. Some people may find my painting terrible, but to me it can be the end of the world. Art is a matter of taste. Therefore it is hard to have expectations about other people’s opinion. Yet of course it is nice if other people like your work too.”

We  are wishing Maryam  much luck with this new project and hope that she keeps us informed of its progress !


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