TAEM Interview with Actor Lupe Trejo

Lupe Trejo photo 3TAEM- One of the most popular genre of movies today are Action Films. With this The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is exploring the fundamentals of these films and what makes them work so well. We chanced upon actor Lupe Trejo who was one of the actors in the hit, Machete.

Lupe, your original career focused on the sport of Pro-Wrestling. Please tell our readers what inspired you to take up this grueling sport.

LT-  I believe it started in my child hood. I came from a family background for a passion for music(tejano, blues, and rock-n-roll). Growing up I would watch my Dad, cousins, and uncles perform in bands all over Texas even my Grandpa. That there tells you all that I was already growing up in the entertainment industry. It had to be in my blood…Right? Ha!

My Grandpa was a huge fan of pro-wrestling. We then all followed liking the sport of sports entertainment Pro-Wrestling. I remember watching pro-wrestling on Saturday mornings before there was cable television. As I was getting older my Dad would take a bunch of us to the live wrestling shows when they came to town and surrounding areas like San Antonio and Austin, Tx. All the way up to my Jr. high years. At this point it had seemed I had lost interest and faded away from the likes of pro-wrestling. That is until…I meet my beautiful wife Sarah in high school who wrote another chapter in my life. After dating a while, you would find me over at her parents house watching pro-wrestling once again. My high school sweetheart had introduced me to cable television which lead me to pro-wrestling again. Bam! I was hooked. So after all this being said I would say my awesome family. My family inspired me to take on this so called grueling  sport. Ha! I love everyone in my LIFE.

TAEM- Tell us where you first appeared in the ring and the stage name that you used.

LT- Well about this time around 2002 I fell in love with the sport. Loved it so much I joined an Indy wrestling promotion owned and operated by pro body builder, pro-wrestler Prince Fontenot and taught by international super star  Tom Jones(The U.K. Kid).Who still till this date own two very successful  wrestling companies. Prince Fontenot with Ring Of Faith in Laredo, TX. and Tom Jones with Varsity Pro Wrestling in the U.K.. Those were the days. Some of the best times I had as a pro wrestler was practice. Paid my dues. I took Prince Fontenot’s class of professional wrestling and graduated to debut in San Antonio, TX. in my very first wrestling match in front of a live crowd as (“The Texas Renegade”)Lupe Trejo. Winning several awards and championship titles throughout the years. I’m a late bloomer. I was always the underdog, second or last at everything I did at just about everything I did in life until pro-wrestling broke that mold and allowed me to reinvent myself. You can view some of my stuff on my you tube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/texasxrenegade

Lupe Trejo photo 4TAEM- In 2010 you had your first taste of the silver screen in Robert Rodriguez’s production of Machete. Describe the part that you played and the influence that the film had on your future.

LT- Wow, now this is a major life changing event that took place in my life. Iwas called in by a stunt coordinator Russell Towery (The Walking Dead, Pirates of The Caribbean, Zombie Land).One of the best at stunt coordinating this biz has to offer, to do a fight in a scene with the Star actor along with actors Greg Ingram(Sin City, Sin City: A Dame To Kill, From Dusk Till Dawn: TV series) and Juan Pareja(W., The Mist, The Walking Dead).Who are phenomenal talent and just great people. My scene is about fifteen minutes into this grind house. There is a street fight going on in an ally in broad daylight as bets are taking place Machete gets involved by being harassed and kicks ass while eating a taco! Imagine that! After we shot the scene I was like wow. I had felt a rush like no other. I felt a since of happiness and felt as if I belonged. This is what I should of been doing years ago. Right there and then I knew I had found my calling. Recently on part two of the trilogy Machete Kills I got to be a casting assistant! With that I’d like to thank a friend of mine a pro-wrestler by the name of Jeremy Sage, Russell Towery, and  director Robert Rodriguez for having me along with my family, friends and my fans who continue to support me in all great things I do. Also a huge big thanks to Beth Sepko Casting and her team stationed in Austin, TX. at Austin Studios Beth Sepko is more than words. Just glad that there is people like her and her team out there who work hard in a very professional manner and care, see others that are working hard at their craft. You all Rock. Finally the man up stairs. Love you all.

TAEM- Another actor in that film was Danny Trejo. Are the two of you related ?

LT- You know I get that a lot, unfortunately I am not. I here that his family is from San Antonio, TX., That’s pretty close to home. Would be cool though. Danny Trejo is the Mexican American badass of this industry. One day I hope that he’d pass the torch to me. He is one of my huge inspirations.

Crazy that growing up I was a big fan of his and now look, I got to work with the man. That is just badass.

Trejo photo 1TAEM- Since then you appeared in Friday Night Lights (2010), and Para Mi Hermano (2011). Tell us about these films and the roles that you played in them.

LT- Friday Night Lights was a hit TV series witch premiered on ABC for a few seasons about a high school football team’s experiences in high school. It was an awesome experience. That happened at the beginning of my acting career were I played a  featured extra as a moonshine dude. Towards the end of the show the main cast that were football players decide to crash a moonshine party after their football game. I learned a lot from this show and had tons of fun. Met so many good people. Never forget it.

Now “Para Mi Hermano” was  a short film about a man paying a debt for his brother and knows he is living his final day alive and must spend his final hours deciding how to spend it.I play one of the hit man. What was really cool was that I got to bring in my brother to play the other hit man. Felt good to have my bro at my side to have his own experience in film.

TAEM- For the next few years you had roles in a number of films including the TV series The Lying Game. Please describe your roles in these and how they helped you solidify your acting career.

LT- The Lying Game was good there I played an inmate. Witch later come to find out my scene got cut. Us actors lean to live with rejection. Things like this happen in this industry. For example audition after audition seems like no luck but just cause you don’t get the part doesn’t mean you suck. It just means you weren’t for that particular role. Zombex was  a film directed by music star Jesse Dayton in witch I played a Zombie. I’m a huge fan of zombies. So had tons of fun. Props to hair and makeup who also did an outstanding job. There’s a few more films but being casted wouldn’t had been possible without the proper training and an Awesome head shots. So I’d also like to thank my headshot photographer Beverly Guhl for her awesome camera work, acting coach/actor Marco Perella who holds acting workshops in Austin, Tx, Actor Jesse Borrego who has a store called Krazy Vatos, Los Angeles, CA and one in San Antonio, TX. and for his workshops. These all are very talented individuals who make a difference in peoples lives.

Trejo photo 2TAEM- This year started off big for you as you appeared in three episodes of the television series From Dusk Till Dawn. Tell our readers what effect that this had on you and how it bolstered the career that you are now firmly entrenched in.

LT-Well it certainly did have an effect on my career. I was a bar customer at the Titty Twister on the show before we all got killed off. Ha! It was unreal! I got to work with fellow actors I’ve worked with before. There after I landed a From Dusk Till Dawn Dos XX commercial.(Promo Shoot) with true talent with Wilmer Valderrama(That 70’s Show) & Elle LaMont(Machete Kills, Blacktino).You can catch From Dusk Till Dawn the series on the people’s new television network El Rey Network. There is an enormous amount of opportunity for film and television in Texas especially in the capital city of Austin, Tx. Looks Like everything is bigger in Texas.

TAEM- We understand that you are also in three films that are now in production. Can you tell us about these and give our readership a sneak preview of them ?

LT-  So we have Boyhood a film by Richard Linklater about a  film about a boy who is 5 and follows his life till the age of 18.I believe it’s a first for a film to be shot as actors age. Pretty cool if you ask me. El Guey is a film about a Mexican folktales and a Mexican super hero who crosses paths with El Chuppacabra. I got to play my under my wrestling character in this one .Directed by Eduardo A. Tobias. Also a Terrence Malick film were I play a debt collector with actress Natalie Portman(Black Swan, Star Wars)Also coming soon have a Television series American Crime Directed by John Ridley. Thanks John. So bottom line work hard, stay positive, and BELIEVE. Don ‘t give up keep pushing, The doors bound to give . Do what makes you happy. Film &TV is what I love to do…

TAEM- Lupe, it seems that you now hold the reigns of your future firmly in your hands. We want to thank you for your time with our interview and wish you much luck with all that you do.


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