TAEM Interview with Composer Tristan Rudat


Tristan Rudat
Photo credit: Justine Alves

For this reason the Arts and Entertainment Magazine is asking composer Tristan Rudat about his work and the aforementioned talking point. Tristan, tell us about your background and the training that you undertook for your career.

TR-  Well, I guess it began in school, working with the A/V dept., video art classes, TV production and guitar/keyboard lessons. By the time I was in college I already knew I wanted to fuse these things together into some form of art. I was fortunate enough to have many awesome encounters with professionals and artists who shared parts of their story to help me along. My biggest thing is staying open minded.

TAEM- We understand that video plays a key role in your career. Please explain this to our readers.

TR- Video has been my way into a world I never could have imagined. Video has given me a chance to express myself and to help others realize their visions since the 90’s, I do a lot of work with bands and DJs for their visuals. I design LED rigs, and I VJ several nights a week sometimes. Video also keeps me connected to the music.

TAEM- What style of music do you use in your work?

TR- Right now I am focused on an electro sound. It’s modern dance but I also love sounds from the 80’s early 90’s and 00’s. I take all my fav bits and give them a familiar heavy bass/electro feel.


Tristan Rudat
Photo credit: Justine Alves

TAEM- How do you connect videos to your music and to what effect does it have on their production?

TR- Usually there is a theme before I start, like Timelapse or Mayan art or colors or graphics… then it’s a matter of deciding which clips are best suited for the vibe of the song. Often clips must be created to fit the right vibe. That’s when you get the best results. When you create music for video or video for music – directly. It locks in sync in a way that’s impossible to get any other way. I’m going for a unison thing.

TAEM- We also learned that you direct documentaries. Describe this aspect of your work for us.

TR- I’ve worked on a couple documentaries. Some about music, art and recently a full length doc about my Dad, Ron Rudat and his involvement with the 1980’s GI Joe toy line. He was the lead character designer for that time. I love stories. Docs are a great way to have folks share stories in their own words. I enjoy watching them too.

TAEM- Your music is also heard on HBO’s The Wire. Please tell us how the acceptance of your music by that popular show came about.

TR- Sometimes it takes a few years, but the song Water and the remix of that song is something very special. It was created with Kyle Ellison in Austin, Texas and we played it live at a non-sxsw party in Y2K. That performance of the song left a deep impression in the minds of many who were there including a future LA Publicist. Someone who never gave up on our music and put it up against the biggest names in music at the time. HBO wanted us. They made offers a few times and she negotiated the deals along with some help from Tami Blevins who initially brought Kyle and I together and it was a win for all of us. What an honor for me. I’ve been watching HBO since I was a little kid. Hearing my voice cry out “Talk to me!!!” Something I will never ever forget.

TAEM- Your collaborations have also appeared on Alien TV and ESPN. Please describe your work with these shows.

TR- I’ve always been involved with video, behind the scenes however anytime there is an appropriate opportunity to get my music in a place where I feel it belongs, I go for it. My music is meant to go with video. Not just my own videos but other videos too. It’s written that way. Alien TV is where I get to collaborate with VJ PTR 5.1 aka Patrick Ryan. We’ve been doing this stuff since we attended New England Tech.

Tristan-Rudat-The-Music-of-Alien-TVTAEM- We understand that you also have a new album out. Please describe this event to our readership and where they can find it.

TR- The Music of Alien TV – by Tristan Rudat – available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music, all major outlets and streams.







TAEM- Some of your work has also been secured with Sparrowsongs Music for distributions. How did this come about, and how elated are you by this new recognition of your talent ?

TR- Let me say first of all thank you TAEM for interviewing me and giving my work some time in the sun. Sparrowsongs Music starts with Kyle. Its a label that’s all about art. Kyle believed in me and my music since 2000 with Water and ever since. Being a part of Sparrowsongs started as a video director but eventually as an artists… for me it is both an honor and very natural. We all work very well together. I’ve been lucky on my journey but I’ve also worked hard. The truth is I am working harder now than ever… but it’s also enjoyable. Its extremely rewarding working together to spread great music and visuals. Thank you again!!!

TAEM- Tristan,  it seems that your future is secure and your work has been given the recognition that it deserves. We want to thank you for your time with our interview and wish you much luck in all your future projects.


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