TAEM New Interview with Actress Maryam Tarami

Maryam- 03TAEM-   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine had interviewed actress Maryam Tarami (click on to see article) in our May 2013 issue and learned that she has been quite busy since. At present she is just completed a movie that may be a big hit at the Cannes Film Festival.

Maryam, your new project is titled Tura.  Please tell us how the film came about.

MT- First of all, thanks for having me again. It is a pleasure to appear in your magazine.
We just completed February and I reconnected with my director friend Enrico Falconi. Collaboration with him has been on the table for a while and he asked me what concept I would be interested to be part of. I took little time to think about it and shared something I very close to my heart. Enrico loved it and I guess we cut the ribbon this time.  

TAEM- What is the theme behind the film ?

MT- The theme behind ‘Tura’ is pursuing ones dreams and the sacrifices we may have to make for it. Sometimes there is a high price we have to pay for when pursuing our dreams.

TAEM- What genre is the film in ?

MT-The genre of the film is drama. This film will dig under the skin of someone who is pursuing her dream and touch on her deepest emotions.

Maryam TaramiTAEM- Tell us about the director, ENRICO FALCONI, and some of the other films that he has worked with.

MT-I met Enrico on set of the feature film Amsterdam Heavy which was filmed back in 2010. As the assistant director, I remember he guided me on set where we had our first small chat. Ever since, we sort of stayed connected and discussed future collaboration.
The last feature film Enrico directed was Blisster. In this film he sheds some light on New York life in 1996 and a simpler time. Enrico is a Mexican born New Yorker. I think his Mexican roots have given him a strong sense of duty and justice emphasizing humility and compassion for others. I think these are great ingredients for him to direct ‘Tura’.

TAEM- Our readership had loved your previous interview with us. What impact does this film have on your career ?

MT- Of course it motivates when people enjoy your work. Especially when I actually get to talk to some of the people who enjoy my work and they tell me what it meant to them. Some people keep requesting me for more work. This triggers me to stay active. I am blessed to be surrounded by such a nice people who are very supportive.

TAEM- We understand that you are readying this film for the Cannes Film Festival. What expectations do you have for it ?

MT- Like I mentioned regarding February it is hard to say what expectation I have when working on a film. Art is a matter of taste so I try not to have expectations about other people’s opinion. Yet I think people will love it because many can actually relate to the story. The theme pursuing ones dreams is quite general so I expect that many people will be able to somehow relate to it in their own way.

TAEM- Maryam, thank you so much for updating us on your very active career. We expect to hear great things about the latest film that you are starring in and wish the best of luck for its success at Cannes.


MT- Thanks again for having me and best of luck with your magazine.

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