TAEM Interview with Actress Yenis Monterrey

photo5TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is always interested in presenting new talent to all of our readers. We search world-wide to find it and found some of the most exciting new faces are in our own backyard. The beautiful actress Yenis Monterrey hails from Texas but originally came from Venezuela and possesses an array of talent and experience that is simply amazing.
Yenis, please tell our readers about your childhood and what brought you to America.

YM- I had an incredible childhood always surrounded by family, food, and big parties and music were always part of everyday life. I grew up in a patriarchal home, where the father always takes control of the family and you can’t leave home if you are a woman unless you get married. I finished Law School and two Masters in Communication and Finance. I had a great job as an attorney at a Corporate Bank and then I got promoted overseas with a great opportunity to improve my English at the University of Texas. I always had the desire of improving my English skills and finally my dream became real.
TAEM- We understand that your family has had its roots in television there. How great an influence was this on you for your career ?

YM- I joined the world of show business at an early age because my father was a TV director and as I was growing up I often visited many TV Studios with him. Growing up I did theater, sang at TV shows, and acted in soap operas. Sometimes this was against the will of my father who wanted a more stable career for me instead of taking the path of show business. As a good daughter I finished my college, but always had the desire to go back to the acting world again.

under the darkTAEM- You originally set your sites on a career in law. What made you change your ambitions for a career in acting ?

YM- I was an attorney in Venezuela, but there are only five States in US which allow a foreign lawyer to take the Bar: New York, California, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Virginia. These states allow some foreign-educated lawyers to take the Bar Examination without earning their degree locally. In this case, however, foreign-educated lawyers must begin the process by getting their law degree reviewed and analyzed by the American Bar Association (ABA). When I came to US to study English I met my husband and we decided stay in Texas. Later we decided to have a family and Austin is a great city to raise kids. When my son was about 2 years old I started to explore acting again. I took classes in Austin with the most prestigious coaches and I felt again in love with my true passion. I did auditions and booked roles and quickly I found representation in Austin. I feel acting is my true purpose and I feel totally immersed in acting with my body, soul , and spirit.

TAEM- We also learned that you work in the field of Real Estate as well. Tell us about this aspect in your life.

YM- It takes a lot sacrifices to become an actor and sometimes it can be costly to accomplish your dream especially if you don’t live in Los Angeles which is the center of the entertainment industry. Since I’m now traveling back and forth to LA for auditions, call backs, and filming, it’s very challenging.” I have been a Realtor in Austin since 2011 and I currently work as an agent for Keller Williams to finance my passion for acting. I love Real Estate, and my rule number one is to make my clients happy with my services. The home market in Austin has been in a boom for the past 5 years and I’m glad I decided to get my Real Estate License since I can balance acting, Real Estate, and motherhood. I also have the most amazing support with my broker’s team who support me when I’m absent.

photoTAEM- We discovered that you first appeared in film in the Short, My Dearest Love in 2009, and then again in Birthday Wishes in 2010. What experiences did you gain from these first appearances and tell us of the confidence that you received from them ?

YM-I have a very exotic look that has allowed me to play different characters such as an Indian or Middle Easterner in the film “My Dearest Love” (2009) directed by Marc Wiskeman. This film had a large exposure in more than 20 festivals nationally and internationally. I played as Peruvian in “Birthday Wishes” directed by Monica Santis. The process of getting ready for the character for the film” My Dearest Love” was very challenging since the movie was about an Indian Wedding and all the tradition involved. I love performing characters that challenges me as an actress and being able perform it and make it believable is my goal.

TAEM- Since that time you appeared in a number of films that included Revenge, and The Color of Your Skin, Weird and Almost Crimes. Please describe the themes of these movies and the roles that you had in them.

YM- I played an American Indian in the Western film “Revenge”. We shot this beautiful film at the Paramount Ranch which is 2,400 acres and is used as a “Movie Ranch”. The film was directed by Gabriel Schmidt and screened at Cannes Film Festival 2013, San Tropez Film Festival 2014, and Cinerockom 2014. In the films “Color of My Skin” and “ Weird” I took roles as a Latina. These films were screened at Cannes Film Festival in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Both films were directed by Gabriel Schmidt and Nedy John Cross. I also played a Mexican woman in the film “Almost Crimes” screened at Cannes Film Festival 2014 and Cine Las Americas Festival 2014 directed by the young and talented Peruvian Director Diego Vegas.

TAEM- You also have a part in the new film as an actress and have garnished the title of Associate Producer for the upcoming documentary The Green Fairy. You are truly a woman of many talents. What can you tell us about Under the Dark, Midnight Ride . Can you tell our readers something about these latest projects ?

green fairy1YM- I am currently involved in two film projects in LA. In one of them, “The Green Fairy”, I portray Mrs. Ordinaire . The film is directed by Dan Frank and is a 3D fantasy film about the history of Absinthe from 1730 to 1915. The shooting location for this film is in many locations including Switzerland, London, Paris, Louisiana, Los Angeles, and Austin. I became an associate Producer of this film because I arranged part of the film to be shot in Austin at a beautiful ranch with 26 horses near my home. I’m also helping to coordinate part of the crew that will be shooting the film this coming fall. The other project in development is called “Under the Dark” which is a Sci-fi film. It will be very exciting with a lot of action and special effects and will be directed by Nedy John Cross and produced in the UK, Latin-America, and the US. Finally, I have another film still in development named “Midnight Ride” that will be shot in Austin. It will be about a controversial topic and will bring awareness to families around the world. It will be directed by Esteban Lopez and soon listed on IMDB.

TAEM- Yenis, you are a beautiful and remarkable woman and one that Hollywood will take up and notice. We want to thank you for your time with our interview and wish you luck in all that you do.

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