TAEM Interview with Actress Adrienne Wilkinson

xwp_official04TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine is very honored to present a most talented, beautiful, and well known actress to all our readers. Since 1996 she has appeared in films and television shows and has more than sixty-five credits toward her acting career. She has also been a producer, director, and writer and has contributed to a soundtrack to her long list of achievements as well.

   This well known personality is actress Adrienne Wilkinson whose name is well known throughout Hollywood and the television industry. Adrienne, what made you choose acting as your career and what training did you undertake to achieve such a resounding success ?

AW-  I had grown up taking dance and being on stage, but always thought of it as a hobby.  It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I was truly introduced to acting, and I fell instantly in love with it and decided to pursue it as a profession.   I was lucky enough to also meet some working industry professionals at that time, and was given advice and direction that helped lead me to this career path.    I think I knew what I wanted and had utter determination to make it happen.  

838 media Adrienne WilkinsonTAEM- You first appeared in the short Return in 1996 and soon after in the TV series Sweet Valley High. Not long after you clinched a role in another television series, Saved By the Bell : The New Class. How did these early productions give you confidence and what excitement did you feel to be part of them ?

AW-    I don’t know.   I don’t really think they gave me additional confidence, aside from having the endorsement of booking ‘real work on real shows’ and I imagine it was a confidence boost to rise to the challenge and know I was doing work that was just as solid as the actors I was working opposite of.   And it was interesting to be on set and learning in this new environment.

TAEM- You kicked off the new millennium with a role in Chicken Soup for the Soul  and then was chosen to play in eleven episodes in the popular series Xena: Warrior Princess. Please tell us about the characters that you played in this well known show and how you interacted with all the actors you played alongside of in it.

AW-   I played Xena’s daughter Livia/Eve on Xena Warrior Princess. It was an exquisite experience.   A wonderful adventure – filming in New Zealand, working on these epic stories and with such talented professionals.   Truly a sensational adventure.

wilkinson005TAEM- In the next two years you stayed on a roll garnishing roles in several episodes of Undressed and seven episodes of As If. How were you able to keep pace with such an active  schedule, and how were you able to mentally separate the many characters that you played as ?

AW-    As If was a fun job – a very fun character, and the show was a dramedy about 6 college age friends.  We shot all around Los Angeles and shot it at lightening speed.   It was a challenge, but fun – and I made some wonderful friends on that production.     I’ve never thought about having to ‘separate characters’, I think that just comes naturally to actors.

TAEM- You never slowed down and over the next few years played roles in popular television shows such as Angel, Days of Our Lives, ER, and Charmed. You also added a new aspect to your career….voice acting. Please tell our readers about the many productions that you performed this in and how you were able to adjust to such a change.

246px-MarisBrood_bgAW-   Voice acting was a natural transition.   My agents asked me to try it, and luckily it was a good fit.   I love that the work can be done quickly and can allow you to play roles that you would not be able to pay on-camera.

TAEM- Over the next five years you continued in voice acting for many video games, shorts, and as a narrator. You also appeared in two episodes of the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and seven episodes of Goodnight Burbank. You also appeared in several shorts and television movies. How were you able to receive so many parts in such a short time ?

chris loomis 4AW-   Hmmm, most of these jobs were regular auditions – but a few of them were connections from projects I had worked on previously.    One of the benefits of being in the business for a while,  is that you are able to work with  actors, producers, writers and directors that you have worked with in the past….so there is a familiarity there.    It is wonderful being asked to be part of a production instead of having to audition.   Having that automatic trust between everyone is powerful.

TAEM- Since 2010 you were also seen in thirty-six episodes of Venice the Series as well as several other series and television movies. I am personally awed by your many performances on the silver screen and in front of television cameras. I believe that you are one of the most prolific actors I have ever had the honor to have in our publication, but your career does not end here. You have also gained credits as a director, producer, and writer. Tell us about these aspects of your career and how you used your experience for your new role behind the cameras.

Adrienne_Wilkinson_Venice_2AW- I think every job is a learning experience.   We just accumulate knowledge and bring it with us to our next jobs.    I’m lucky to have been able to work in a number of genre’s – comedy, drama, sci-fi, etc and in a variety of mediums – TV, film, voice over, web series, etc…. and the goal is always to do the best work you can, and experience breeds knowledge and you hope the quality of your work is ever increasing.   My most recent project behind the camera is an interview project we call From the MOB – a 3 question impromptu interview series where I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities on the topics of love, advice and self.

For those who haven’t seen it here is the MOB trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-_WOilsniw

And  a full episode – Xena actors on Love:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6JHkveVqz8&list=UUSjefeO5ptvaFh5uIB4zfHQ

You can find all of our full episodes and many clips at:   http://fromthemouthsofbabes.net     or follow us at https://twitter.com/_MouthsOfBabes

TAEM- We understand that there are a number of productions in the making including Star Trek: Renegades and Nobility, in which we have interviewed several other actors who are in it. Can you give us a peek behind the curtains on all of these and tell us when our readers can expect to see them?

LexxaAW –I play Captain Lexxa Singh in Star Trek Renegades.   Descendent of Khan and leader of a black ops team doing missions for Star Fleet that have to go unacknowledged. Renegades is not your typical Star Trek.  It is darker and the lines of morality are more blurred. Renegades starts with an entirely fresh perspective though the story line takes place just 10 years after Voyager.  While staying true to everything that came before it, our entire ‘baseline’ and point of view is different that what you have seen onscreen in the Star Trek universe previously.  These are stories that must have always been happening….but they haven’t been told until now.  The exact release date has yet to be determined, it depends on how long our post production (mainly special effects, will take)…but we expect the release date around  February 2015.  I’m so proud of what we have put together and hope everyone will check it out.   What we have created is a feature length pilot, that will be released online as a film, but we also hope it will become a new series.

Teaser Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZPbX2x3Ug

Trailer 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgRJWBB12GA

Introducing Lexxa:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyOBA8XWA5E

Nobility is a new project with a sensational cast of sci-fi veterans.  I play Lt. Ara Eris, 2nd in command to Ellen Dubin.  My character is often referred to as ‘the weapon’ as she is very eager to fight for her cause and to defend what she believes in.   You will have to check the website as more information becomes available.

TAEM- Adrienne, I am humbled and honored by having this chance to introduce you to all our readers. You are beautiful and talented and your experiences will give the many students who follow our publication a high benchmark to set their sights on for their careers. I want to thank you for your time with our interview and wish you continued good luck in all that you do.


10460104_10152504068973048_553028666751358772_nAW-  Thank you for having me. Check out my website and other online resources to keep up to date with all I have going on.   Lots of fun stuff to come!









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