Actress Calista Carradine talks about her new film ‘Jade Trader’

CalistaThe Arts and Entertainment Magazine has just been contacted by a very famous actress that we had interviewed some time ago. We had first met with her in Hollywood and followed up with an interview with Calista Carradine (click on to see article) for our January 1, 2011 issue. Her new film, Jade Trader, has received much attention in Hollywood and she sent us the following report and pictures:

When Gerry Pallay brought The Jade Trader to my attention, his wish was for Quentin Tarantino to direct it. He asked me to bring Quentin the script  since Quentin is tight with the Carradines’



The Jade Trader -2

and Gerry had seen us together at The New Beverly at the first birthday movie night Quentin through honoring  my father on his birthday.


(More on The Trader is discussed further below)


I had arrived with  Solomon King the  co-writer and composer  of my first  farewell tracks and  my current 2014  single of his original  “Cry (—- “Cry” Video


“Dad would have had so much fun there. He loved Quentin and it was hard to tell who was the biggest fan of whom.

Quentin raved about my father and knew all his works and my father looked up to Quentin in awe. They were similar in spirit and intellect with a vast knowledge of more aspects of film than you could imagine, very much like James Cameron but Dad and Quentin are rough riders and have an edge in their warm artistic hearts   The first David Carradine birthday tribute was three days long and Quentin hung in for the whole Marathon which he had arranged.

My father had planned to involve me and my brother  in Kill Bill but my brother is a real martial artist and hadn’t come accustomed to movie fighting yet and dad told me he was resisting to introduce me to Quentin until I lost a little weight. He said he’d always see me the way I looked when he introduced us. Dad said there was time and gave me a deadline. I got derailed in other aspects of life and forgot to lose the weight. So the introduction and audition never came to be. My original Kung Fu instructor Michael Dawson  who was my father’s fight double for most of Kung Fu The Legend continues

and a decuple of Kam Yuen from the original Kung Fu series had moved to New Orleans and I had gotten lazy.

I’ve since gotten back into my active lifestyle of swimming and dancing

and recently rock climbing and repelling

Rock climbing I also found a martial arts teacher

Martial Arts who teaches the system my father learned from Kam Yuen  at a Sue Wong  party following my father’s Hollywood Museum opening  where many of his belongings stood adjacent to Marilyn Monroe’s’

When I finally ran into Quinton on Dec 8th at The New Beverly Theater , I introduced myself as David’s oldest daughter Quentin said ” Then you must be Mata Hari , when I asked your father why he would shoot a film for 30 years  he said if your daughter was Katherine Hepburn what would you do?” No words could have been better for my grieving ears. My father had compared me to Kathrin Hepburn and not to just anyone but to Quentin Tarantinos. At that moment it was as if my dad had sent me a kiss from beyond . Who could ask for more. Great directors and great writers are what an actor needs to become an artist. In that moment Quentin healed my wounds with my father’s words. Dad was still plugging for me, He had been working on the post production of Mata Hari which he had directed in a style reminiscent of Bernardo Bertolucci right to his very last days in the USA

John Berrymore

John Barrymore the third” who played my childhood sweetheart, ( a bit of type casting) was in attendance as well as Patrick Culliton my leading man


When Gerry Pallay explained the project to me he said he envisioned it with a Carradine and a Lee. I assumed I would be the Carradine. He wanted the stars to be martial artists from the two families and my brother is the real martial artist in the family. I just do fights that have been choreographed for film which came easily to me with my dance background since my mother was a dance teacher and choreographer


Action on Film

The Jade Trader is a Martial Arts Action Short that just won for Outstanding Cast. We are now looking to create the full motion picture.


I told Gerry that I would be willing to bring Quentin a short or a trailer but not a script. Gerry wanted me to produce, which I’ve never technically done. I told him I’m not a producer but if I were to produce the first thing I’d do is give myself a part. So Gerry supplied me with a part and I brought in Martial Artist  Rob Moses who worked with my father for decades to be in charge of the martial arts aspects and Melissa Tracy, also a martial artist as a line producer and second unit director. The two of them pulled in a glorious cast of martial artists for the short. We were working on a limited budget so Gerry opted to direct it himself since it was essentially a promo piece to raise funds for the motion picture and as the writer, Gerry, wanted his imprint on the short film.

We took the short to AOF the Action On-Film film festival

and won for outstanding cast for The Jade Trader.

Interestingly enough after the festival I received and invitation meant for my father to host at another festival as if the invitation came straight from him which in turn led me to the Friars club event at the Waldorf in New York honoring Robert De Niro with the ICON Award and with great mention of Scorsese’s Mean Streets, a film with my father and my uncles Keith and Robert so I felt I should attend and Gerry Pallay funded the expedition. The funds raised will have a tremendous impact on these charities such as the Gift of Laughter, Wounded Warriors Program, which provides entertainment to soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Working together will produce amazing results and enhance the quality of life for those lives that are touched daily by the charity recipients.

Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder preformed.


Later at the Friars club I asked Stevie for advice on singing. I didn’t have the guts to ask De Niro for advice on acting but I did ask him to give Scorsese my card because I would give my eye teeth to work with a great director. It was a bold move but it seemed like the right time and place!

Director: Gerald Pallay

Gerald Pallay

Director’s Statement

There was a time in Hollywood when the emphasis was on quality and creativity. It’s not that money was never important but not all important. It is not black or white, but the emphasis seems to lean more to profit than process, one hit wonders than legacies, sequels than seeing things differently. There are plenty doing it the right way but also a lot of lemmings running off the far end of the ship in hopes of a dream that the violent waters will never fulfill and a hunger that will never be quenched, not for them nor for their audience.
It was in this milieu that I have persevered to carve out a different way of writing, filmmaking and even cooperatively creating projects for the public to enjoy. I am less an iconoclast than maybe a nouveau sort of Renaissance man, not just an apple pie American but a link to the whole world of interested viewers.
In this, my first real directorial effort I have tried to create action on top of interest, drama interwoven with grandness, soothing pictures for the eyes and the soul.
Multitasking while aiming for a place in the firmament of storytellers, I ask my friends, families, followers, and the relaxing crowd to sit back, enjoy and leave their distractions behind.
Having traveled the world and worked far flung corners of our great civilization my point of view is not that of the ordinary writer and director. I have found pearls, salvaged their essence, and strung them into an sturdy string of ideas that compliment my desire to paint images. Really I feel just lucky to be a receptor for creativity that will hopefully provide others with joy and thought-provoking reflection for years ahead.

We certainly wish Calista much luck with her new project and hope that she keeps us abreast of its success !


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