TAEM News Flash! Singer Carmen Perez in the News Again!

TAEM- We are delighted again to feature singer Carmen Perez for all our readers. We have followed this very beautiful and talented performer since first interviewing her in our Nov. 1st, 2010 issue (click on to see). She has also appeared in our May 25th, 2013 issue (click on to see), and our April 1st, 2014 issue (click on to see). Her versatility and talent is amazing and has left us in awe. Since that time both our magazine, and her career, has evolved and grew. Carmen has recently worked on, and about to release, her newest musical endeavor. Carmen, what is the name of your latest musical project and how was it conceived?

CP– My upcoming EP is called “Space Girl.” I started working with this super-talented pop producer, originally with the intention of making more Latin-influenced music. He’s Scandinavian so we got a great blend of the two.

TAEM- Please describe the style in which you perform this latest masterpiece ‘ Space Girl’.

CP– Because we have a blend of cultures for this EP, the style of ‘Space Girl’ is pretty eclectic. You can say we have a bit of 80’s retro, reggaeton and some fresh pop.

TAEM- On what label will it be published under and who are the producers?

CP– It will be released on indie Skywalk Productions and the hit songwriter/producer is Sigurd Røsnes.

TAEM- How does this compare with some of your past musical projects, ‘Emergency’ and ‘Overload’ and what are the connections between them?

CP– “Emergency” & “Overload” were both Dance/EDM songs, so pretty different from the more pop approach on this new one. I do believe EDM & Pop are so intertwined with one another these days, but these new songs are a more evolved me as a pop artist.

TAEM- In what format are you releasing ‘Space Girl’ on and when will our readers be able to purchase it?

CP– ‘Space Girl’ will be on all digital formats (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) and released on January 5, 2017.

TAEM- How excited are you about this latest endeavor, and is there another musical project planned for future release?

CP– Oh, I’m VERY excited ! The journey getting here has taken many twists and turns and a lot of hard work, so it’s a great feeling to finally get some of these songs out there. I definitely plan on releasing more pop songs with Sigurd because we work well together. I’ve also recorded some Latin jazz & neo-soul songs under the name ‘Carmen Carmen’ but I’m not sure when production on those songs will be finished.

TAEM- You also continue to work on your acting career and have a recurring role as Captain Vasquez on the Robert Rodriguez Emmy-nominated TV series ‘Lucha Underground’ which appears on the El Rey Network. Please tell us about the role and the series, and how the show is proceeding.

CP– My role as Captain Vasquez has been the most exciting for me to play so far, not only because I love the cast and crew, but also proud that most of the cast is Latino and we have a few powerful Latina women in it. Most of the show revolves around the wrestlers at Lucha Underground and I’m one of the few scripted characters, which is cool too. The show has pretty die-hard fans in the wrestling world and it is continuing on to Season 4. Very exciting!

TAEM- You have also appeared on stage as well. What future acting roles are you seeking in the future?

CP– I recently acted in a secret TV pilot that is in development now, so if gets picked up, I’m hoping to work on that some more. Studying, writing and recording music has taken most of my time and energy in the past years so I’m just getting into what roles are out there.

TAEM- Carmen you are a beautiful and talented woman and continue to amaze us with your versatility in the many fields of entertainment. We want to thank you for participating in our interview and hope to be able to visit with you again in the near future.  We wish you sincere luck in all that you do!

CP – I’m so grateful to be back on TAEM. Thank you!                       

(pictures provided and approved of by Carmen Perez)








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