TAEM interview with author C.C. Krepick

TAEM- The sole purpose of our magazine is to lend guidance and advice to students in order that they can prepare for their future and to follow in the footsteps for all those successful people that we interview. We focus on the education and training these people undertook to achieve their goals, as well as any pitfalls they underwent, so that students can benefit from their experiences.

   As writing and literature have been  the roots of our publication we believe that those we interview in this realm are of prime importance for communications, social life, and to carry on this endeavor for generations to come. One such author is C.C. (Christy) Krepick who has contributed much to literature and society in general.

TAEM- Christy, please tell our readers about your educational background, and how it led you your successes in writing.

CCK- I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Education, there was a lot of writing in those undergrad and graduate focuses. I just kept writing after I finished with my degrees.

TAEM- Please tell us about your novel ‘In The Dark With Good And Evil’ and who was the publisher for this work.

CCK-In The Dark With Good And Evil… It is a book of five creepy tales of ghosts, vampires, and zombies in short easy to read chapters. What lies in the bottom of the old well? Who stands in the funeral home doorway at night? Can love go on forever? Enjoy this book with a blanket late at night with a light on…The publisher is Stellium Publishing and the book can be found here http://www.booksamillion.com/p/Dark-Good-Evil/C-Krepick/9780692655498 This book will eventually become a film or T.V. Series.

TAEM- Who were the main characters for this story, and what was the influence behind it?

CCK-There are quite a few main characters as it is a book of short stories. The influence behind In The Dark With Good And Evil was an experience that I had with brain aneurysm rupture/stroke when I was in my late 20’s. After the surgery, I had to have so much pain medicine that I had some crazy dreams. These stories were the result of that time when I slept after surgery.

TAEM- How was this work received by the public, and what achievement did it offer to propel you to continuing your writing?

CCK-The public accepted the book very well. It is written on the level of young adult which made it possible to reach the younger generations. The audience was very broad.

TAEM- You also wrote the children’s book ‘Whimsical Fairies’ . Was there difficulty for you to switch in genre writing, and how was this work accepted?

CCK- The Whimsical Fairies was a fun write! I was able to use my skills with art and writing to reach out to young children connecting them with the environment using beautiful fairies in a lot of different ways. This book is a fun way to educate about keeping the environment clean.

TAEM- You extended your skills by writing/ creating , producing, directing and publishing your on-line TV show ‘The Bradshaw Chronicles’ in January of 2011. Please tell us all about this venture.

CCK- The Bradshaw Chronicles began due to my interest in entertainment, mainly I wanted to uplift the Indie Artist, musicians, actors, actresses, and many other people that were doing amazing things. I even had photographers and book authors on the show. I wanted everyone to see what I was seeing in these amazing people. I had quite a few people on the show that were already at the professional stage also. I wanted them to share with my audience what it took for them to get where they were and things that would make the road to success a little easier for the new Indie artists. My show won several awards through the duration of it. I am very proud of the show and maybe one day I will step back into the shoes of Host of another show quite similar. During that time millions of people tuned in to watch the show and it was missed very much when I retired it.

TAEM- You also had character parts in a book and a role in the film ‘Passageway to Hell’ . This is an exciting change of venue for you. Please tell us about this and how it may have influenced you in your next endeavor.

CCK-Passageway To Hell was based on a short story that my Aunt Barbara Watkins had written. She is a book author with many books under her belt in the horror genre. The film was being shot, she and I were invited on set and then roped into playing short parts in it. It was interesting to see how a production company does what they do. I was a “lost soul” in the film. Basically, I just walked the street up and down wearing dark clothing. Haha It was fun.

I had already written scripts for Environmental Presence before this, but I suppose it helped me to visualize better how things may play out during the filming of Environmental Presence when the time would come to film it.

TAEM- You also wrote for a CNN series using your journalistic skills to find the missing. Please describe your work in this.

CCK- I worked with my friend, Book Author Candy O’Donnell, to create video and audio of us talking about a single missing person each time. We hoped that by reaching out to these families and broadcasting the information on their missing loved ones that it would reach a large audience due to the other things that we were doing online.  I believe that we reached our goal of giving to these families. The audience may have been there for the entertainment shows that we were doing but the missing people were shown to them also.

TAEM- Your newest venture is a book entitled ‘Environmental Presence’ . Tell us about it and what achievement it will produce.

CCK-Environmental Presence “the book” is a product of my many years studying and researching in the environmental field. The book is based on the T.V. Series that I have written by the same name. There is a fine line between science and spiritual matters. Most people do not see it. However, if you put our Earth, our planet, in the center of the mix and focus on keeping it healthy and clean the connection is more visible between science and spiritual matters. Scientifically, we clean the Earth when there has been a problem with man-made contamination. Spiritually, people of various religions and cultures perform ceremonies large and small to “heal” the Earth. Environmental Presence is bringing them both together.

TAEM- We also learned that you are trying to create a TV series based on this book.  How are those efforts to do this succeeding for you?

CCK-I am currently pursuing investors to enable me to film the pilot of Environmental Presence the T.V. series. Twenty-one episodes in hand. There is a distribution company interested and the pilot is needed for them to continue. In their words “There are a lot of shows out there similar to this…but not this…THIS is going to be big.” I am ready to film it with SAG actors waiting for the call whom will be the hosts of the show, producer as well ready to start filming, theme music from Frijid Pink out of Detroit with their rendition of “House Of The Rising Sun”, all in place. Any investors out there interested please visit http://www.facebook.com/environmentalpresencethetvseries send me a message and off we go!

Hosts Tevis Marcum and Karen-Eileen Gordan take a unique adventure investigating the mysteries surrounding environmental damage and cleanup efforts as well as natural Earth toxins across the United States in the TV series Environmental Presence. They will interview eyewitnesses, then specialists, and spiritual leaders as well. We all know that there is science to it all when it comes to toxins in Earth, air, and water cleanup, the way it can affect the surroundings, but indigenous people and people of various religions have performed their own efforts for cleaning Earth as well. They call it Earth healing. This is a travel excursion into the world of toxic contamination, man-made and natural. From the city of Centralia, Pennsylvania where the underground fire is still burning to the Le Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California, with some man-made toxic damage in between. There is a lot to see and discover interviewing environmental scientists, specialists, Native American Indians, Voodoo Leaders and more on how the Earth can be restored. Spiritual Environmentalism, where science meets spiritual Earth… Environmental Presence

Hosts of the show!


*Tevis Marcum

Known For:

“A Parent’s Worst Nightmare” with Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson

“Boyne falls”

“Stone” with Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, and Milla Jovovich,

“Escape Plan” Uncredited with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger

HBO’s “Treme”

“Dog Eat Dog”- with Nicolas Cage and Willem Defoe

Also, has worked with Tom Berenger, Brian Dennehy, Sigourney Weaver, and many others.


*Karen-Eileen Gordon

Known For:

Starz “Magic City” with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with Larry David and Jeff Garlin

FOX’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” with Lena Headey

A & E’s “The Glades”

Rockstar Game’s “Grand Theft Auto V”

And many more.

TAEM- What assistance is needed for this to succeed, and what progress have you made towards that end?

CCK-I have one investor in place for early next year. I need a few more. As soon as I reach at least $20,000 it will be possible to move forward in filming the pilot. Having a distributor interested is a pretty big deal. I have that and my SAG actors whom have already begun to make names for themselves. They are also doing promotional video for me as well for the show currently. The hit song “House Of The Rising Sun” by Frijid Pink is amazing….I just need more investors that see the potential with this show. There is even a spinoff for this show later down the road, Environmental Presence International.

TAEM- How can people who may be interested in aiding your efforts contact you, and where can they read about it for investing in it?

CCK-I have a page in Facebook for it http://www.facebook.com/environmentalpresencethetvseries there you will find everything about the television series. There are promotional videos there and the write-up. If an investor sees interest they may email me at cckrepick@live.com to request a non-disclosure and the storyboards for the pilot and more.

TAEM- As you are also a skilled motivational speaker, we are sure that your efforts with this should pay off. We want to thank you for your time with our interview, and I am sure that our student readers will be thrilled to learn all about you, and your work. Please stay in contact with us so we can follow your success in all your ventures.


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