TAEM Praises our Photographer and his Latest Works!

TAEMOur photographer Joseph O’Donnell has given much to the success of our magazine and has also created our company name of The Eerie Digest that is known world wide. His work is extraordinary and has given our readers a better insight to all our stories.

As of late he has also turned his photographic accomplishments into works of Art. He meticulously creates canvas marvels out of some of his best nature and  outdoor photographs and they are being made available for sale. Among those first to grace our pages, for public viewing, are Nature’s Path, Cliff’s of Ireland, Mr. Squirrel, and Rosebud. We are proud to show our readers a first preview of these for their enjoyment and ask them to see more of his graphic work, too, at  https://eeriedigest.com/2014/04/our-photographers-new-venture-advertising-art-book-covers/. For his art purchases and graphic design work you can contact him directly at odonnellj85@yahoo.com.



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