Today’s Great Authors by author Joseph J. O’Donnell

   There are so many new authors with their work gracing the book shelves today, and they surely owe their talents to some of the great authors of our century, and the current generation. To name a few we must conjure up the names of Tolkien, Rowling, Martin, and Doyle.

Each of these writers have spawned, not only written works, but movies, board games, comic books, and television shows . There are also many current writers, whose written topics, mirror these great people and it is comforting to know that written literature has been reborn again.

I keep a collection of the great author’s works and have read them passionately over some time. Tolkien was my first love and has helped me during a difficult period in my own life. I have read ‘The Hobbit’ twenty-four times and the full ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy twenty-three times. I could not help getting lost in this fantasy world as I immersed myself in these stories to escape the turmoil that plagued me during that time.

In have also began to read the series ‘Harry Potter’ by Rowling, and although written for a younger generation than my own, find it utterly fascinating . The books and movies reveal the coming of age of a much beleaguered boy, and it easily mirrors so many children that undergo bullying in everyday life. It gives young people a security of the ‘magic’ that this fantasy conjures up.

Martin’s work, ‘Game of Thrones’, is a fantasy adventure that has made history as of late. The television series is rated at an all-time high and people can’t get enough of it. His final chapters have not hit the book shelves yet, and people are waiting with baited breadth for them to appear.

My latest read is that of Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and all that it has inspired. The actor who originally performed this character on stage was William Gillette, and you can read about the author of him, Henry Zecher ( June 1st 2011 issue of this magazine) to learn more about him. We have bee all lucky on this account, for even after Arthur Conan Doyle’s death many a writer has picked up the gauntlet to keep the fictional character alive. These writers must first pass muster and get approval from a devoted Sherlockian society and the originating writer’s family trust. New adventures of the character have recently hit the silver screen, and 1940’s versions can be seen again on YouTube . Masterpiece Theater also had a series on him and as well as books I have a collection of films, and music, from the works of all these great authors.

I intend to shortly research each of these best selling authors and place my work in this magazine over the next few months. So….keep an eye peeled for them as I hope that you will enjoy them all.


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