Hobbies, Hobbies, Hobbies! by author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Writers block is a terrible thing for one who takes up the pen. Sometimes it is a brief thing. Other times it comes in stages. When unusual circumstances intervene, long periods of brain mortification can set in.

Usually in the brief term a cup of java, or a short walk, will help the writer regain their poise and will act like a refreshing wind to get their juices flowing again. In dire circumstances a vacation, or alternate hobby is needed to get them back on course. Such was the long term effects dealt to me recently.

Several weeks ago half of our neighborhood burnt down, of which the cause is still under investigation. Timing of the event was perfect for the survivors as my family just came back from dining when it occurred. We arrived at the outset of the fire, and my son (our photographer Joseph O’Donnell) and I jumped out of my car and began pounding on other townhouse doors to alert the occupants of the danger. We were credited for saving three families lives that day. Two other men joined in our efforts and were able to save the occupants in another townhouse.

My writing had already hit a snag, and the previous winter doldrums had led me into a sort of malaise . I had opted for alternate hobbies and had taken up painting (see The Art of…Joseph J. O’Donnell in the right hand column of the Home Page) and model railroading (of which I am now selling my train collection. See : Joe’s E-bay Store¬† also listed in the same column) .

As a result of the current neighborhood calamity, and my other pastime endeavors, I am beginning to defrost my frozen brain. I am finally selling my trains at a clip that lets me pay for the magazine, so that those expenses can be covered. I now plan to surge ahead and produce more topics for the magazine while also preparing to copyright two new books. Yes the old vim and vigor has returned!!!

I have also included pictures and stories of the fire for my readers to check out. I am just glad that no injuries or deaths happened and my readers will be glad to know that ALL ten dogs  that occupied those townhouse residences were saved as well.


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