TAEM at the All-Star Comic Con! By Author and Photographer Joseph O’Donnell

This month’s article deals with a visit to The All Star Comic Con held in Northern Virginia’s Tyson Corner. The event took place at the Sheraton Tyson Hotel. Accompanying me was my good friend Alex, who is also an avid Comic Con fan.

We arrived at approximately 1:00 pm and the parking was already jammed packed. Searching for a parking space was tedious, but we finally found one on the upper level. This particular show was much larger that the previous one I attended, The Nova Com, in Alexandria, Virginia. The venue for this show consisted of Comics, Games, Board Games, Artists, and merchandise.

Voice actors and TV stars also made an appearance while we were there. Many of the attendees were in Cosplay regalia , donning outfits of their favorite characters. There was a costume contest for the attendees as well as a video game tournament. There was also independent comic artists displaying their work in hopes of building a fan base and capturing recognition from some of the major comic magazine companies.

We spent many hours visiting the various displays and watching the contests and tournaments with interest. The show was a three day event and was quite crowded when we arrived. I’ve included many photos for our readers interests, and look forward to going again next year.


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