J&J Movie Review: Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom

J&J Movie Review: Jurassic World - Fallen KingdomWe had the pleasure of seeing the new sequel to Jurassic World titled ‘Fallen Kingdom’ . It’s an action packed movie with many fine graphic scenes which thrill the viewers each step of the way. There is a minimum age limit requirement as it is billed as too violent for younger children.

Once again the characters of Claire Dearing ( Bryce Howard Dallas) and Owen Grady ( Chris Pratt) must return to the island to try to save the dinosaurs – again ! Actor Jeff Goldblum ( from the original Jurassic Park) is featured as a narrator in a governmental hearing to plead the case (against) such a venture.

J&J Movie Review: Jurassic World - Fallen KingdomThere are plenty of thrills along with a taste of romance, underhanded deception, behind the scenes money wrangling, mystery, and murder. Yes….there is something for everyone. Thrills and chills run rampant along the full length of the movie. There are two predictable scenes per chance, but the entire movie will keep the viewers gripped to their seats. Director J.A. Bayona deserves a lot of credit for the work on this film.

We give this film 5 out of 5 and highly recommend it for all our viewers. It would also be a great buy for your digital film library, too !



Joseph O'Donnell, Sr. and Joseph O'Donnell, Jr.

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