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   The Science Section of our magazine has taken a giant leap forward at last ! For several years we toyed with the idea of placing all our science stories and interviews in a more formal, and appropriate, setting and we decided that the subject deserved a magazine of its own.

   Now the day has come in which those interviewed can proudly show off their stories. We decided that magazines such as Scientific American would satisfy the more sophisticated setting for this subject and we went about planning a similar style for our readers.

   My son and I have decided to create a new venue to meet all the criteria for this subject and Joe created a logo for the new cover. With the help of our site manager we contrived a homepage worthy of the task. In the past, several of the scientist’s colleagues, of those we interviewed, chuckled when they learned that their stories were appearing in a ‘mystery magazine’ unaware that the publication was geared to give guidance to school and college students preparing for their futures.

   The NEW name for the publication is ‘ THE SCIENCE AND NATURE JOURNAL ‘, and can easily be reached through this magazine by clicking on the Science icon on our Homepage ‘toolbar’, or typing in on your computer or smart phone search engines. This will lead you directly to the new site.

   We will shortly be adding PATREON to both magazines to gather more readers and financial assistance as well. Please note that we added ‘DONATE’ icons at the top of each magazine to financially support the efforts and make both venues grow to the wishes of our readers. The icons will lead the reader to methods of payment ( i.e. : PayPal, Credit cards, etc.) so that you can choose how to help our efforts. When PATREON is added it will help guide us in the type of stories to the readership’s liking. You will also find LIKE icons for each story, as well as the magazines themselves, and we urge you to click on them to let us know that we are going in the right direction.

   We want to thank all our readership for their continued support and we look forward in celebrating our future together !


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