My Virginia – Culpeper

By author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Joseph O'Donnell, Sr. and Joseph O'Donnell, Jr.
Author Joseph O’Donnell, Sr.
and Photographer Joseph O’Donnell, Jr.

   Our magazine has traveled through much of Virginia over the years and we have sadly missed a lot of territory. The recent pandemic cost us time and a lot of opportunities to explore more of this great Commonwealth. We have decided to go deep outside the boundaries we normally frequented and visit the boundless farmlands and communities that support them. We decided that our first choice would be Culpeper, Virginia.

   This is a great community wedged in between the towns and cities of Northern Virginia, and Charlottesville and the communities that border the Southern most edge of the Commonwealth, and the ports on its Eastern Shore.

   Culpeper is a farming community but has a town that has many amenities’ that feed the needs of the inhabitants. Shopping centers have sprung up in the area since 2010 and the population has nearly doubled since that date. There is an ‘Old Town’ containing the older, well-kept businesses, and (what I call) the Strip containing many of the leading department stores, eateries, and supermarkets that feed the growing population.

   Culpeper is also rich in history and was deeply involved in the War of Independence as well as several battles fought in our nation’s Civil War. At an earlier time, George Washington had been employed to survey the area to mark its boundaries. Many movies and television shows have also been filmed here, too. The area has not gone unnoticed.

   The government also has an interest here as well, at Mount Pony. It was once part of the Federal reserve and now serves as a place of safe keeping for the Library of Congress, storing many of Hollywood’s films and archived records from its headquarters in the nations Capital.


Photography by
Joseph O’Donnell IV

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