July, 2021

In Search of … Me (Part 7) By Author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Monday, July 12th, 2021
Author Joseph J. O’Donnell

    As of my last episode I have just received a more extensive upgrade of my DNA analysis. Ancestry.com Is always uncovering new data, whether it be a DNA upgrade, or simply adding new info in helping you discover your family tree.

   According to the new results of my DNA sample the figures have changed somewhat since my last findings. I have now been declared 70% Scottish, 19% Irish, 9% English and Northwestern Europe, and 2% Norwegian (those pesky Vikings).

   This has made more sense to me as my mother’s maiden name was Mills (of which I have found many of my cousins now living just north of me), and my father’s namesake moved to Scotland from Ireland, due to the Great Potato Famine, at about 1830. He then married a Scottish girl not long after he arrived there.

   For the next several generations the sons of the O’Donnell clan married women of Scottish lineage until my father arrived in America and married my mother (a Mills).

   I will keep my readers informed, and updated, with any new info as it arrives. I hope that my search results can help anyone who is considering in their quest to find their bloodlines and how to promote their own family ties.