September, 2021

THE PUMPKIN PATCH by Author Joseph J. O’Donnell

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021
Joseph J. O'Donnell
Author Joseph J. O’Donnell

     Cindy was a loner and never related to kids her own age in the neighborhood.  Some teased her others avoided her, and everyone seemed to talk about her behind her back.

       It was tough to be an eleven-year-old and she could never fit in.   As with other children in her predicament.  She developed make believe friends that she could relate to.  Her friend was real as it was a scarecrow her grandfather put up in his pumpkin patch in her backyard.  He had passed away two years ago after living with her family for a while.  He was a widower and his daughter, and her husband took him in after his wife died.  He had a farm a distance outside of town and Cindy’s mother and father thought it better that he lived with them because he was getting on in years and the farm had become too much for him to handle alone.