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The benefits of advertising with Eerie Digest is that the duration of the ads is the same as the duration of the issue. Unlike a standard magazine, an online issue remains online as new issues of Eerie Digest are introduced. Each issue is submitted to all the major search engines, giving the benefit that there will be readership for a long time to come.

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Interviews are $125/each.

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When you click on “Add to Cart” be sure to change the quantity to the number of months you wish to run your ad.

Leaderboard Ad ($450)

468 x 65

Displays at the top of the page above the magazine logo.

468 x 65

Banner Ad ($240)

350 x 65

Displays in the middle of select articles.

468 x 65

Box Ad ($225)

200 x 200

Displays in the right hand column.

200 x 200

Video Ads – Movie and Television Ads and
Trailers Are Welcome Too! ($770)

Other advertising opportunities

Click each link to see samples and prices.

Press Releases

Please note: There has been a change in our policy regarding Press Releases. Please click here to review the new terms and to see pricing. To purchase a news release posting, please contact us using the online form.

Advertising Restrictions

  • All ads must be “Family Friendly” in content.
  • All ads must relate to the book and publishing field, Film making and Television Industry, and related services. Ads will be pulled without notice if found misleading, without money back, or penalty to the magazine.

Design Agency

CreationDepot is the design company that also created this website. If you care to use them to create your ads please e-mail Wendy Litteral using the contact form on their website with the size ad you have in mind, and she will get back with you regarding a quote.

Promo reel advertising, as well as any other type of submission to this magazine, will be accepted under the strict provision that they must be subject to the magazine’s classification for it’s viewing by the general audience. Any submissions will be rejected , or pulled, if they do not meet these guidelines without notice at the magazine’s discretion.

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